A Genius Way to Organize Planner Stickers

Organize planner stickers and washi tape with this flexible desk organizer system.

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It's no secret. I love planner stickers. But as my collection has grown, I've been looking for ways to organize planner stickers that works for me.

I've seen a lot of sticker organizing binders and folders, but none of them seem to be what I needed. They just didn't have space for sticker rolls and washi tape. I tried putting them in jars, but that didn't work as I couldn't easily find what I was looking for and would end up forgetting which stickers I had.

Then I discovered the Bostitch Office Konnect™ Workspace Organization system and knew I had found the perfect way to organize my planner stickers, and it can handle my cords too!

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A Genius Way to Organize Planner Stickers

When I was looking for a way to organize my planner stickers, I needed to find storage for several different kinds. My collection includes sticker books, sticker rolls, washi tape, small sticker pads, and assorted tabs. I started with the sticker books, because as they are the largest, they are generally easy to organize and find. I decided to free up my desk top space and hang my planner sticker books in a wall pocket.

What I like about this is that it's easy to see and grab the book or books I am looking for, and I can add additional pockets as my collection grows.

This left space on my desk for the smaller items. And here is where the Bostitch Konnect system is perfect.

The Konnect is not a single organizer, but a system that you can configure and customize for your needs. And it includes cord management features, so I have a spot for my phone and can even charge it without a tangle of cords in the way.

The system starts with rails in various sizes that you can connect in a straight line or at an angle depending on your space. Mine is long and narrow, so a straight long rail works best. Then you can add organizing pieces to hold what you need.

I added two organizer cups, one wide and one narrow. These were perfect to fit my planner sticker rolls and tabs. I can easily see all the stickers and don't need to dig to reach the one I want to use.

I also discovered that the note pad and pen holder perfectly fits a small sticker pad (it also fits Post-It notes). Then I added a tape dispenser for my favorite washi tape. I love having this in the dispenser, and think I may need to add a few more. It makes it so much easier to use! And the best part is that I can close everything up when I am not working on my planner and keep things looking neat and organized.

If you love planner stickers as much as I do, you need to check out Bostitch Office to get your collection organized. 

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