How to Organize Bathroom Cabinets with Free Printables

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I knew it was time to organize my bathroom cabinets when I woke up with a terrible cold and the only medicine I could find had expired two years ago. 

I searched through a sea of random toiletries, at least 3 half empty boxes of bandages and an assortment of old nail polish when I finally said "today is the day to organize this mess." 

I am loving my newly organized bathroom cabinets and have everything you need to organize yours too, including free printables to get you started. I'll also let you in on a super easy way to stock up on all your health and personal care products at a place you already know and love.

How to Organize Bathroom Cabinets with Free Printables

The first step to organize your bathroom cabinets is to clean everything out. 

Mine were a total disaster - I had gotten into the habit of just tossing things inside and had no idea what was in there anymore. 

To really get organized, you need to empty out the entire cabinet and start from scratch. Toss anything that is old, expired, almost empty, or things you no longer need. Then you can make a list of what you'd like to keep in your cabinets and replenish your supplies.

This might sound like a daunting prospect but it's actually really easy and affordable when you shop for CareOne products at Food Lion. They have a huge selection of healthcare and personal care products that deliver the same efficacy and quality as national brands, but always at a lower price.

You already know and trust Food Lion for groceries, and now you can find all your family's healthcare needs at the same place. And with a double money back guarantee on all private brand items, you can be confident that you'll be happy with your purchases.

Once your cabinet is cleaned out and you've stocked up on CareOne products (including that cold medicine!), you're ready to get organized.

Bathroom Cabinet Organizing Set

Start by downloading and printing out my Bathroom Cabinet Organizing Set. This set includes a bathroom cabinet inventory list so you'll never run out of supplies again or let things expire. It also includes labels for all your health and personal care needs. There's even a blank set so you can customize it for anything you want to label. Get the entire set for FREE by clicking the button below.


Print your bathroom cabinet inventory sheet and hang it on the inside of your cabinet door (I recommend placing a self-adhesive laminating sheet on top and then you can use it as a dry erase board). Use this to mark down what's inside your cabinets and be sure to note expiration dates.

Getting Your Bathroom Cabinets Organized

Now you need to find the right storage containers for your cabinets. Bathroom cabinets can be tricky, because you are often dealing with odd spaces thanks to the plumbing inside. I like to use stackable plastic drawers because they are flexible, easy to clean, and can store a lot inside.

You can use smaller plastic baskets inside to further organize your small items. Then use the labels to mark the outside of the drawer so you remember what's inside.

Smaller plastic bins like this one are great for first aid supplies because it's easy to grab and take anywhere you need. Like anyone with kids, we go through a lot of bandages and it's great to know that I can find them for less at Food Lion thanks to CareOne, and they still have the cute designs my kids like with the protection I love. 

Once all your bins are stocked and labeled, you can easily stack them up for a clean, organized place for all your healthcare and personal care needs. Then just check your inventory when you're heading to Food Lion on a grocery run and stock up before you run out!

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With all your personal care items organized you'll have room on the other side of your bathroom cabinet for other essentials. Use a small shelf to create space for baskets and to stack towels (I like to roll them to save space). Now you can find everything you need when you need it!

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