6 Easy Ways to Protect Your Dog's Skin & Coat Health

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My sweet dog Griffey is turning 10 in a few weeks. I can't believe how fast the time has gone since I adopted him when he was only 10 weeks old. I just scheduled his annual checkup and I know our vet will marvel again at what a healthy dog he is. We've been really lucky with his health over the past decade (HOW has it been a decade?!).

But it's not all luck. There are a few things we have done since day one to protect his skin and coat health. And recently we've discovered a simple switch that makes it even easier to keep my best friend looking and feeling good (no matter how many candles are on his birthday cake).

6 Easy Ways to Protect Your Dog's Skin & Coat Health

As Griffey has aged, we've noticed a few more bumps and blemishes on his skin. He has always had a thick coat that sheds like crazy, but as he's gotten older the fur seems to fly more than ever, especially when the seasons change. That's why focusing on his skin and coat health is so important. A dog's skin is the largest organ of the body (just like people!) and without healthy skin, his overall health and comfort can suffer.

Fortunately, there are a few easy things you can do to protect your dog's skin and coat health.

1. Feed them the Right Food

We recently made a simple switch that keeps Griffey's skin and coat looking and feeling good. What's the secret? AvoDerm Natural Dog Food.

AvoDerm is an all natural food with California avocados as a key ingredient. Why avocados? Besides being delicious, avocados are packed with a lot of the nutrients your pet needs to support a healthy skin and coat. Avocados are one of nature's "superfoods" because they are nutrient-dense and rich in fiber, omega 6, and omega 3 fatty acids to promote your pet's healthy skin and coat.

Switching to AvoDerm has made a difference in Griffey's skin and coat. He's shed his winter fur and is looking better than ever, with his new summer coat coming in shiny and healthy. His skin looks healthy and he's feeling great.

And he LOVES the food. He can be a little picky sometimes but AvoDerm passes his sniff test every time.

He loves the taste and I love the fact that AvoDerm is made in California, in small batches and with only quality ingredients that are tested before they even make it into the facility.

Plus, I can order AvoDerm on Amazon with Subscribe and Save and never run out, or worry about lugging big bags home from the store. And since I'm an Amazon Prime member shipping is always fast and free. Switch now on Amazon to try AvoDerm for yourself.

2. Protect against fleas and ticks

Next on your healthy skin and coat checklist is to protect your dog against fleas, ticks, and other pests. These pesky bugs aren't just an annoyance: they can also transmit serious diseases that can affect your dogs' overall health, in addition to causing skin issues. There are many types of safe, effective flea and tick repellents that you can use. Consult with your veterinarian for a recommendation on the best kind for your pet.

3. Develop Good Bath Habits

Griffey loves the tub so this one is easy for us. Developing a good bathing routine for your dog is key to protecting their skin and coat health.

Just don't do it too often, unless recommended by your veterinarian for a specific condition. When your dog does need to hop in the tub, use a gentle, all natural shampoo that is made for pets. Be sure to rinse the soap thoroughly and avoid their eyes. They will look and feel better than ever afterwards!

4. Don't Forget to Brush

Keep your dog's coat clean and fresh with regular brushing or combing. The frequency and type of brush you use will depend on your dog. Griffey's thick double coat needs to be brushed often to remove loose hairs, and a de-shedding brush is perfect for him.

This type of brush would be too harsh for a shorter haired dog, so be sure to consult with your veterinarian or groomer for a recommendation if you're unsure.

5. Don't Skip the Sunscreen

One of my favorite things about Griffey is his pink freckled nose. But that nose needs a dab of sunscreen when we are outside for a long time to keep from getting burned. If your dog has lighter skin or a thin coat, consider adding sunscreen to your routine to keep his skin protected.

6. Protect those Paws

Our dogs' paws take on a lot, so it's important to remember to take care of them too.

Be mindful of the surfaces that your dog is walking on - remember, he's not wearing shoes! Avoid hot sidewalks and streets in the summer: stick to the grass or save your walks for the early morning/evening hours. And in the winter, be sure to wipe your dogs' paws when they come inside to ensure they don't have ice or salt stuck to them.

Inspect their paws regularly for cracks or scrapes, and consider using a paw balm to keep their pads protected.

With a few easy steps you can keep your dog's skin and coat looking and feeling good. And when you feed them AvoDerm, those changes will come from the inside out.

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