7 Genius Letterboard Organizing Hacks You Need to Try

Clever ways to use a letter board to get organized around the house.

If you're as obsessed with Joanna Gaines as some people I know (OK, me) then you either have a letter board or you are looking for an excuse to get one. Instagram is flooded these days with adorable ideas for letter board quotes and funny sayings. I love them too, so when I stumbled upon one on clearance a few weeks ago I had to have it. Add in some extra letters and I am officially hooked.

As much as I love letter board quotes, I knew I wanted to use mine for something more. Since I love all things organizing I soon realized that I could use my new letter board in some pretty genius ways. If you're looking for new ideas for your letter board or a way to make a to-do list Joanna would approve of, you've come to the right place.

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Use a letter board to get organized. These ideas are GENIUS! Super easy ways to use a letterboard for home organizing. #letterboard #organizing #homedecor #organize #homeideas

Letter Board Basics

Letter boards have been around forever - usually as signs in restaurants and shops. But they've recently become super popular as home decor too. They are easy to use, and anyone can make them look fabulous. You can find a letter board and accessories to fit any size or budget.

Letter boards usually come with a set of letters, but I've added a few more to my collection as well as some decorative accents. Here are a few of my letter board favorites (use the arrows to scroll through and click each photo for details).

Once you've picked out your letter board and accessories, using it for organizing is super easy. Here are some ideas to get you started!

Getting Organized with a Letter Board

Meal Planning

Use your letter board to plan your weekly meals and you won't have to answer "what's for dinner?" again.

To Do List

I'm a firm believer in using a to do list, and many experts believe that having a "top 3" to do each day helps with productivity. Use your letter board for your Top 3 and you'll make sure to get things done.

Chore Chart

I love a good chore chart and using a letter board makes it easy to make one you won't mind having on display.

Countdown Calendar

Keep track of days until important events like birthdays, holidays, or vacation with a letter board. Swap out the number every day until it arrives (this is super fun for kids).

Schedule Reminder

Is there something important on the calendar that you don't want to forget? Use a letter board as a reminder!

Out the Door Board

This is one of my favorites for back to school time. Make a list of things you can't forget when you leave the house and put it right by the door. No more forgotten homework!

Goal Reminder

No matter what your goal, having it in front of you will help motivate you to get it done. Use your letter board as inspiration for daily, weekly, or monthly goals to help you stay on track.

See my letter board ideas in action here!

Need help getting organized? Find more ideas and and tons of printables here.

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Use a letter board to get organized. These ideas are GENIUS! Super easy ways to use a letterboard for home organizing. #letterboard #organizing #homedecor #organize #homeideas

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