Make a DIY Coupon Organizer For Happy Planner with Free Printables

Turn your Happy Planner into a DIY Coupon Organizer with FREE printables to organize your coupons.

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It's the most wonderful time of the year. The time when I can refill my Happy Planner for the next 18 months.  So last weekend I was cruising the aisles at Michael's, having some alone time and getting my planner fix when I came up with a new idea for a project. I'm so excited about this DIY Coupon Organizer and I know you will love it too!

DIY Coupon Organizer for Happy Planner

Here's the thing. I wanted to get new dated planner pages for the next 18 months, but I already have a cover that I love. And I couldn't find the pages without a cover, so I ended up with an extra cover and set of rings. I can't let that go to waste and I started thinking what do I really need? 

Then it hit me. Coupons. I am desperately trying to use coupons more often but I never do because I don't have a good system for organizing them. Since the Happy Planner is the most flexible system I've ever found I knew it would make the perfect DIY coupon organizer too.

This is a super simple DIY that you can do it just a few minutes with a couple of supplies. I've made it really easy for you because I have free printables to take care of your labels and shopping lists too! 

Once you put together your DIY coupon organizer you will have all your coupons sorted by category at your fingertips, along with a handy shopping list. You'll be totally ready to actually use the coupons you have and not forget every. single. time. you go to the store (this is my life). Here's what you need.

DIY Coupon Organizer Supplies

  • 6" x 9" mailing envelopes. I prefer the peel and seal kind so you don't have a clasp in the way. You will need about 15 of these, or more if you choose to add additional categories to your organizer.
  • Printable Coupon Organizer Set. Download yours for free by clicking on the button below.

DIY Coupon Organizer Directions

See how it's done by watching this video! Full directions below.

Start by downloading the Coupon Organizer Set. Inside you'll find 3 pages of pre-printed category labels. Print these on full page label paper and cut out.

You'll also find a page of blank labels. Print out as many of these as you need to create your own custom categories.

Finally, you'll find a page with 2 printable shopping lists. Print these on card stock and cut out along the dashed lines. Print as many copies as you'd like at a time.

Download the entire set for free by clicking the button below.


Next, take your 6" x 9" envelopes and cut off the top flap at the fold line. With the underside of the envelope facing you, place a label on each envelope. Use the blank labels to customize any additional categories you might want. You may want to add favorite stores, gift cards, or even store loyalty cards.

Then, use your classic punch to punch holes in each envelope. Slip them onto your planners' rings in the order you prefer: I go alphabetical but you may like to organize by your store's layout. The beauty of this system is that you can do it the way that works for you!

This step is optional but super helpful. Add a Post It Tab to the back of each envelope, staggered so that you can easily flip through them. You can choose to write on the tabs if you'd like or leave them blank.

Finally, use your hole punch on your shopping list pages and place those in the front of your organizer. Now you can have your lists and coupons all at your fingertips!

Coupons slide easily inside the envelopes and since they are organized by category, you can easily find what you need when you need it. It's a super easy system that helps you actually use those coupons before they expire.

And when it's time to head to the store, you can just grab your coupon organizer and go. You'll have everything you need including your shopping list right at your fingertips!

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Turn your Happy Planner into a Coupon Organizer with FREE printables! An easy DIY project for Happy Planner to organize your coupons by category, or customize them any way that you'd like. Includes printable labels and a printable shopping list. Super cute and so functional! #couponing #coupon #planner #DIY #printables

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