Race to the Pumpkin Patch: Free Printable Board Game

Be the first to make it to the pumpkin patch with this fun free printable board game.

It's the first day of September and I've got pumpkins on the brain.

I'll admit it - as soon as we head back to school I'm ready for everything pumpkin. So this month's Family Dinner Book Club book is perfect to help me get my pumpkin fix early - and a great reason to get together for a family game night too!

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Be the first to make it to the pumpkin patch with this fun free printable board game! Perfect for all ages, this pumpkin themed board game is perfect for Fall parties, pumpkin preschool theme, Halloween games, and so much more!

Family Dinner Book Club

Family Dinner Book Club is one of my favorite projects, and I look forward to it all month long. If you're new to the idea, it is very simple. Every month, my co-hosts and I choose a children's book and give you everything you need to turn it into a complete family event!

Jodie from Growing Book by Book brings you conversation starters and service projects tied to the book, Sarah from Chef Sarah Elizabeth creates a yummy themed menu, while I give you a simple craft or activity. This year, we are going "around the world" and each month's book features a different country.

This month we are heading to Australia with The Pumpkin Runner by Marsha Diane Arnold.

Inspired by a true story, The Pumpkin Runner tells the story of a sheep rancher who eats pumpkins for energy, and decides to run a race from Sydney to Melbourne. It's a charming story of persisting with your dream no matter what people may say.

I seriously LOVE pumpkins, so I could think of a million pumpkin related crafts (and I have a bunch you can try here). But, knowing the chaos that September and back to school time can bring, I wanted to make this month's project super easy. And I wanted to incorporate the idea of the race from the book. I came up with a really fun idea and it's perfect to try around the dinner table - a Race to the Pumpkin Patch board game!

Race to the Pumpkin Patch Printable Board Game

This game is easy and fun for all ages and perfect to turn your Family Dinner Book Club night into a family game night! And you can still get crafty with an adorable way to make your game pieces that your kids will love.

To play with your family, start by printing your Race to the Pumpkin Patch game board. You can get it delivered to your email for free by entering your info below.

I recommend printing on card stock or laminating your game board to make it extra sturdy. Next you'll just need a single die (grab one from any board game) and enough game pieces for your family members. The game pieces are easy to make (and pretty yummy too). You'll need:

Simply place a toothpick in each pumpkin, then wrap a length of washi tape around the top. Trim it to a flag shape. You can use different tape for each player or simply write their name on the flag. That's it! Now you're ready to play.

To play, simply place your pumpkin game pieces on the space marked "Start." The youngest player goes first. Each player rolls the die and moves the number of spaces indicated. Depending on where you land, you may go back, skip ahead, lose a turn, or get to roll again! The winner is the first player to get their pumpkin all the way to the pumpkin patch at the end.

This is a simple and fun game that all of your family members can enjoy. It's also a great way to encourage sportsmanship, just like in The Pumpkin Runner

Plus, you can have a sweet treat when you are done!

Don't forget to complete your Family Dinner Book Club experience by heading over to Growing Book by Book for your conversation starters, and to Chef Sarah Elizabeth for a themed menu. And share your dinner with us on Facebook - we love to see your photos.

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