Free Printable Lunch Box Notes (from the Dog)

Surprise your kids with free printable lunch box notes and a message from their dog!

Every day my boys come home from school and there is a flurry of happy greetings. Hugs and kisses and "I missed yous!" abound. But it's not me they are excited to see (I'm sure they are, but I'm not number one). It's our dogs.

After a summer spending all day together, playing in the yard and snuggling on the couch, my boys definitely miss being with our two dogs during the school day. So I knew they would be thrilled to open their lunch boxes and get a special note just from their four legged family members. And I have them here for your dog loving kids too!

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Kids will love getting a lunchbox note from their dog with these adorable free printables! Make lunch more fun with a surprise message from your pet. Includes pre-printed cards and blank cards for a custom message. So fun!

There is really nothing like the bond between kids and their dogs. My boys love spending time with the dogs more than just about anything - playing outside together, snuggling up on the couch, or even taking care of them (pet care is a big part of their daily chores). Our dogs are even encouraging them to learn to read.

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I knew that the boys would miss their dogs during the school day, so what better way to surprise them than with a sweet note from their favorite pups?

Free Printable Lunch Box Notes (from the Dog)

I love putting little notes in my kids' lunch boxes - it's a family tradition that started when my mom wrote on my brown bags in elementary school. I made these encouraging lunch box notes and they have been a big hit, but I know my kids would be totally thrilled to get a note from our dogs too.

This set of lunch box notes is just what you need to send some puppy love to your kids at school. There are a mix of dog illustrations so you can hopefully find one that looks like your dog (our dogs are mutts so they are a bit of everything!).

You'll get one page with pre-printed messages to your kids from the dog, plus a page of blank notes so that you can make your own custom messages.

Simply click the button below to download yours. Then print, cut, and place in your child's lunchbox. Super easy and they will love it!


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