Put on a Disney Junior Inspired Magic Show with a DIY Magician's Table

Let kids pretend to be their favorite Disney Junior magicians with a DIY magic show!

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Mommy, can we do a magic show?

I wasn't surprised to hear this question one Friday morning. Our Fridays have been filled with magic lately, thanks to our friends at Disney Junior, who are sponsoring this post and turning our Fridays into FRiYAYs filled with magical new episodes of our favorite shows.

Magical Friday Mornings this Summer

One of the things I love most about Disney Junior is that the shows always spark my boys' creativity and imagination. And two of their favorites have inspired them to want to be magicians. They discovered Elena of Avalor last summer and have used a million things as magic wands ever since. And I am pretty sure that if one of my boys could choose any magical power, he would want the ability to talk to animals just like Sofia the First.

Disney Junior has made our Fridays magical this summer by giving us all new episodes of our favorite shows every Friday morning on Disney Channel. The boys eagerly anticipate what new tricks Elena and Sofia have up their sleeves (not to mention Mateo and Cedric too). And when they finish watching an all new episode, they always want to try their hands at their own magic tricks. So I surprised them with a magician's table to put on their own Disney Junior inspired magic shows!

DIY Magician's Table for a Disney Junior Inspired Magic Show

This is a super easy DIY project that will inspire hours of creative play for your kids. To make your own magician's table, you will need:

  • Large Cardboard Box
  • Scissors
  • Black Spray Paint
  • Glue
  • Chalk Markers or Acrylic Paint

Start with a large cardboard box. Cut the two smaller flaps off and save one. Turn the box over with the long flaps spread out, and spray paint the entire outside of the box with black spray paint. Spray paint your saved small flap on both sides too. Allow to dry completely.

Once the paint is dry, use chalk markers or acrylic paint to write "Magic Show" on the small flap. Or you can personalize it if you prefer (since my boys are sharing this I didn't include names). 

Then draw or paint stars onto the long outside of the box. You can do this freehand or cut out a star shape stencil to help you out.

Set the box upright and glue the small "Magic Show" sign onto the painted side with the stars. Place the sign so that the top sticks up about 2 inches - this will give your magician a little ledge to hide their props. Let the glue dry and you're ready to play!

You can use the inside of the box to store your magic props - a wand, handkerchief, cards, or any other tricks you have up your sleeve. The top provides a surface for their tricks and the sign gives them a place to hide their props when they need to.

Now you can put on your own magic show! My boys like to imagine that they are their favorite Disney Junior characters so a lot of our tricks are still pretend (there is a lot of making our stuffed animals "talk" inspired by Sofia the First).

You can also head to the library to get a book of magic and let them start to learn real tricks too.

Creating our own magic shows with the help of this fun magician's table has given us countless hours of entertainment, and with all new episodes of Elena of Avalor and Sofia the First every Friday morning on Disney Channel, I know that they will be inspired all summer long!

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Disney Junior.

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Let the kids put on a magic show with a fun DIY magician’s table! Inspired by the magic of our favorite Disney Junior shows, Elena of Avalor and Sofia the First, this super cute upcycle project will inspire hours of pretend play for kids. See how easy it is and how to encourage your kids to try a little magic all summer long! (AD)

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