How to Organize Your Kids' Teams the Easy Way

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Back to school is just around the corner and for a lot of us that means the busy season of kids' sports and activities. And while the kids are gearing up to get back on the field, we parents are secretly dreading the inevitable chaos it brings. Because for all the awesome things that sports and activities give our kids - camaraderie, teamwork, leadership - they can bring parents a lot of headaches when they are not properly organized. But the good news is they don't have to, thanks to an awesome app that makes team organization and management a breeze for coaches and parents - bringing the fun back for everyone!

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Organizing Your Kids Teams is a Snap

We're a big sports family, and being part of a team is important to our family. I want my kids to be able to experience all that sports has to offer (and if sports is not their thing, then I would love for them to be involved in group activities that do inspire them). Right now we are loving being part of our local tee ball team!

Whether for sports or clubs, when it is not organized well, activities can become a big headache for everyone. We all have stories of team events gone wrong - getting to the ballfield only to have to forfeit because there aren't enough players, or discovering too late that no one signed up to bring snacks this week.

I want to be able to enjoy being part of my kids' activities and the only way for me to do that is to make sure that everything is organized and running smoothly. That's what TeamSnap does and it's a lifesaver for both parents and coaches alike.

TeamSnap is an amazing tool to manage and streamline all the communication and logistics for your team. It works for far more than just sports - it makes any club or group activity more organized with tons of awesome features. Hello, room moms - this is for you too!

Getting started with TeamSnap is super simple - just create a free account online and download the app (for iOS or Android). 

If you're a coach or manager, you can then enter all your player information including their position, contact information, and even important details like allergies. You then invite all their parents to join the team and you instantly have a centralized way to communicate about all your team related events.

You can also manage your team's practice and game schedule, as well as create new events like picnics or fundraisers. Parents can easily mark whether they or their kids are available for each practice, game, or event, ensuring that you always know who you'll have on the field or on volunteer duty.

You can even track important administrative details like team forms and fee payments, all in one spot. And keep detailed statistics that you can customize any way you want (though basic stats for each sport are already made for you, making it super simple for even novice coaches and managers).

The TeamSnap dashboard is easy to use and navigate - create your roster, games, and events in a snap! And manage all the details in one place. So if a game is canceled due to inclement weather - no more massive email chains or phone trees. Simply click a button and the entire team will be notified. Parents can choose to enable text message notifications so they get the updates right on their phone, instantly.

TeamSnap helps parents and coaches communicate in so many ways that it makes team sports and club activities more enjoyable for everyone. I can't wait to give it a try for our next tee ball season and am planning to use it to coordinate our preschool volunteer activities. Seriously, it works for any kind of group activity and makes life so much easier!

Here's the best part - you can try all of TeamSnap's features for 4 months absolutely free. And they mean really free, no credit card required. Once your free trial is up you can continue with a free plan, or upgrade and take advantage of all of TeamSnap's awesome features.

If you're ready to get organized and actually enjoy your kids' sports season, create your free TeamSnap account today and get started.

How could TeamSnap help you get organized? Leave a comment below and let me know which sports and activities your family is juggling this year!

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