This Printable Birthday Coupon Book is the Best Gift for Kids

Give kids the gift of experiences with a printable birthday coupon book!

In the midst of planning my twins' 5th birthday party my mind has now turned towards gifts. We always do a toy purge before their birthday and Christmas, and as I am looking around our clean and organized playroom I see them rediscovering forgotten toys and I realize that the last thing we need is more stuff. What my kids will really love is having fun adventures with our family - so I've created a printable birthday coupon book to give them just that. This is the perfect way to celebrate your child and give them memorable experiences that they will remember far longer than a new toy.

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Printable Birthday Coupon Book for Kids

I have twins, so obviously they share a birthday. This can make it a little tougher to make them feel special on their birthday. That's one of the reasons why this birthday coupon book is so genius. Instead of just giving them packages that they open in a whirlwind of wrapping paper, these coupons give them a chance to individually celebrate their birthday surprises any time they want. And it can be totally customized to make it the perfect gift for anyone.

The birthday coupon book comes with 16 pre-printed coupons for fun activities such as a trip to the movies and dinner out. It also includes a few fun things like breakfast in bed or a "get out of one chore" coupon. There is also a page with 4 blank coupons so you can create your own customized surprises. You can use all of the coupons or just the ones that work for your family, or create your own. The possibilities are endless, and allow this to be a great gift either from mom and dad or even from a sibling!

There is also a front and back cover, an introduction page, and instructions. Everything you need for an awesome gift!

To create your own birthday coupon book, simply download and print the pages. You can print as many of the blank coupon page as you need to create your own custom adventures.

Then cut out the coupons and staple or connect with paper fasteners to create a booklet. You can also simply place the coupons in an envelope. So easy, and you can print and create as many coupon books as you have people to give them too. What a perfect gift!

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Printable birthday coupon book for kids! These coupons make the perfect gift - let kids enjoy experiences instead of more toys. Totally customizable for parents, siblings, grandparents, or friends - these coupons work for everyone! Birthday Gift | Kids Birthdays | Gift Ideas | Birthday Ideas | Kids Printables

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