A Kid Friendly Tablet Parents Love Too (Plus My 10 Favorite Apps)

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When it came to choosing a kid friendly tablet for my twins, I had a long list of things that I wanted. I'm all for giving them screen time in moderation, but I didn't want them to spend that time zoned out watching videos of people unboxing toys (how is that a thing?). I wanted to make sure their screen time was filled with fun, age appropriate activities that encouraged them to think and learn. And to be able to do it without me constantly looking over their shoulders. I found the perfect tablet that filled all my requirements, plus a few I didn't even know I had. And my kids love it too!

A Kid Friendly Tablet that Parents Love Too

For my family, nothing beats the Amazon Fire Kids Edition. We have the all new Fire 7 Kids Edition and it has everything I hoped for and so much more.

The Fire Kids Edition is clearly designed with both kids and parents in mind. It is ready to take on even the toughest little hands with a kid proof case and a 2 year, worry-free guarantee. Really. If they break it, you simply return it to Amazon and they will replace it for free, no questions asked. How amazing is that?

The Fire Kids Edition gives you access to over 10,000 kids' books, movies, games, and apps, so there is something for just about every age and interest.

But what really made me fall in love with the Fire Kids Edition are the exceptional parental controls. I knew that I wanted to be able control the content that my preschoolers could access and set time limits. The Fire Kids Edition does this easily and so much more.

With the Fire Kids Edition, you can set up a profile for each of your children and set the content that they can access to their appropriate age level. This allows them to explore books, apps, and videos without you needing to constantly monitor what they are watching. And with Amazon Freetime Unlimited (a year is included with your new Fire Kids Edition), you can be assured that everything is free, with no in app purchases.

You can also set time limits for each child and for each type of content. This is a genius way to set and monitor educational goals for your kids. For example, you can set it so that your child has to read for a certain number of minutes before they can access other content. Or so that they can only access educational apps. And of course you can set overall time limits and give the tablet a "bedtime."

You can also easily access your child's activity through your Amazon Parent Dashboard. I love this feature - I can quickly see how many minutes each child has spent on each app (which helped me make our list of favorites below). But the best part is that the dashboard also provides opportunities for you to connect with your children over what they are watching and learning, as many of the apps come with suggested custom questions and conversation starters. What a perfect way to engage your kids and be a part of their experience!

Our Favorite Preschool Apps

I took a peek at my parent dashboard and figured out which apps were my kids' favorites (my twins are almost five years-old). Here are their top 10 picks (all of which are mom approved too!):

Pinkfong Dino World (Pinkfong)
We like all the Pinkfong apps but this is the favorite. Preschoolers can enjoy dinosaur songs and play games while learning fun facts about dinosaurs.

Kids Painting (Intellijoy)
This is a great drawing and coloring app that lets your kids get creative.

Sago Mini Superhero (Sago Mini)
Fly along with Jack and help him perform superhero feats!

Where's My Water (Disney)
This fun app teaches basic physics as kids try to clear the water for Swampy the alligator's shower.

Dr. Panda Firefighters (Dr. Panda)
Help Dr. Panda and his team fight fires with this app.

Toca Lab (Toca Boca)
Get kids interested in science as they play and learn in their own lab!

Endless Reader (Originator Inc)
A great introduction to sight words for early readers.

Pango Blocks (Studio Pango)
Help Pango make a path with blocks to find things for his friends. This is awesome for problem solving and spatial skills.

Squish: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (Disney Publishing Worldwide)
Create your own clay versions of your clubhouse friends then twist, pull, and squish them into all sorts of fun shapes. My boys LOVE this one!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar (StoryToys)
One of our favorite book characters helps kids solve puzzles in this great app to teach colors and shapes to little ones.

These are just 10 of the apps we love on our Fire Kids Edition - there are so many more to choose from, as well as thousands of books and videos too! And now is the best time to check it out with a special 20% off discount for your own Fire Kids Edition, which you can get HERE. Then head over to Amazon to purchase your Amazon Fire Kids Edition.

What are you looking for in a tablet for your kids? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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Looking for a kid friendly tablet? This is the one you want! With access to thousands of age appropriate apps and amazing parental controls, it's the only one we can all agree on. And check out our family's 10 favorite apps for preschoolers, hand picked by kids! (sponsored)

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