Easy Tissue Paper Flower Garland Kids Can Make

Let the kids help make this tissue paper flower garland perfect for summer entertaining.

Making tissue paper flowers has always been one of my favorite crafts from childhood. It's one of those classic crafts that everyone has done, whether it was to decorate a classroom in spring or a homecoming float in high school. I've been wanting to introduce my boys to this fun project and when I read this month's Family Dinner Book Club book I knew it was the perfect occasion. We turned our tissue paper flowers into a super cute and really easy garland perfect for summer decorating!

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A new twist on a classic craft - let the kids help make this easy tissue paper flower garland! Perfect for summer decor or a flower craft, this DIY garland was inspired by this month's Family Dinner Book Club book, Sona and the Wedding Game!

Easy Tissue Paper Flower Garland Kids Can Make

We made our tissue paper flower garland as the table craft for this month's Family Dinner Book Club pick, Sona and the Wedding Game.  If you're new to Family Dinner Book Club, it's a fun and easy way for families to connect with books. Every month, my co-hosts and I bring you activities & conversation starters from Growing Book by Book, a themed menu from Chef Sarah Elizabeth, and an easy craft from me, all centered on one book. This year, we are going "around the world" and each month's book features a different country.

This month's book, Sona and the Wedding Game, takes place in America but is centered around a traditional Indian wedding, bringing us some of the wonderful and beautiful traditions that surround the celebration. One of those is making flower garlands, and this was the inspiration for our craft - and it's easy enough for even small children to participate!

To make your tissue paper flower garland, you only need 3 things:

There are lots of ways to make tissue paper flowers, so if you have a technique you prefer by all means use it! Here's how I learned as a kid (and what worked well for my preschoolers).

Cut your tissue paper into squares and stack approximately 4-6 together (I cut one large sheet into 4 squares). The size of your paper will determine the size of your flowers - I found bigger to be better for small hands.

Stack your tissue squares on top of each other and fold accordion style.

Once your paper is folded into a small rectangle, fold in half lengthwise and secure the center tightly with a pipe cleaner. Wrap it a few times but leave plenty of stem. 

Then open the paper and fluff each layer until you have a flower! Repeat for as many flowers as you need for the length of your garland - we made 8 large flowers for ours.

Once your flowers are done, use the stems to tie them together into a garland.

That's it! Use the stems on each end to hang your garland - we wrapped ours around the rail of our deck for an outdoor dinner. This makes a fun decoration for any summer themed party too!

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