How to Show your Dog You Love Him Every Day

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"I like the white one."

That's how it started. We weren't really looking to adopt a dog. Eventually sure, but our nearly 20 year old cat had recently passed away and my husband and I didn't think we were ready for another pet. Then I happened upon a picture of a litter of puppies available for adoption from our local animal shelter and emailed it to my husband on a whim.

"Aren't they cute?"  I wrote.

"I like the white one,"  he replied.

Of course we ended up adopting that little white puppy and 8 years later, he is still my best friend. Griffey and I have been through a lot in that time. He's my protector, the one who makes me feel safe when I'm home alone, especially when I was pregnant and he would rest his head protectively in what little lap I had whenever I sat down.

He's the one who sat up with me every sleepless night while I fed and rocked my twin babies back to sleep. He's the one whose soft fur I cry into when I've had a terrible day.

Our family has expanded to include another dog, a cat, and two kids, and I can't give Griffey all the attention I once did. But I find little ways to show my dog I love him every day no matter how busy I get.

Your dog is your best friend - show him you love him too every day no matter how busy you are with these easy ideas! Fun ways to bond with your dog even when life gets crazy.

How to Show Your Dog You Love Him Every Day

Our dogs give us unconditional love, and they don't expect much in return. It's easy to do a few simple things every day to show your dog you love him (even when you're really busy).

Spend Quality Time Together
There's nothing your dog will appreciate more than spending time with you. It doesn't really matter what you do - just hanging out on the couch watching TV together is enough, or letting him rest his head on you while you work (this is happening as I type). Take a few moments every day to give your dog some one on one time and attention and he will feel your love.

Belly Rubs & Ear Scratches
One of the easiest ways to show your dog you love him is good old fashioned pets and cuddles. Give him a scratch behind the ears and a belly rub every day and you'll have a best friend for life.


Play Together
Dogs love to play (Griffey has slowed down a bit but he still has game). Whether your dog is a fetch machine or a fan of tug of war, spending time every day being silly and playing together will make you both feel great.

Practice Your Tricks
Teaching and learning together is an amazing way to strengthen your bond with your dog. Whether you're working on basic commands like "sit" and "stay" or mastering an agility course, working together with positive training techniques will keep your dog's brain active and show him how much you care too.

Head Outside
Dogs love fresh air and sunshine, and being outdoors boosts everyone's mood. Head out for a walk or just hang out in the backyard at least once a day together - your dog will love the company and know that you love him too. I always sneak a selfie with Griffey while we're outside!


Keep Him Healthy
No one actually likes to go to the doctor, but staying on top of your dog's health is a wonderful way to show him you care. Keeping your dog up to date on vaccinations, preventative medication, and clearing up any medical issues when they arise will help him to feel good and know you're on his side.

Feed Him a Superfood
Our dogs can't choose their own food, so it's up to us to pick the best food that we can give them. Choosing a superfood is one of the simplest ways to show them that we love them.

As Griffey is getting older I know that a healthy diet is more important than ever, and I'm so excited to give him the chance to try Tender & True - the first USDA certified organic pet food. Choosing organic when we can is important for me and my kids, so why not for my pets too?

My dogs (and cat) deserve to have the perfect superfood that is created with the highest standards in mind. As we try to eat more "farm to table" foods in our home, Tender & True is like going from "farm to bowl." Their food contains antibiotic-free poultry and certified sustainable seafood from MSC certified fisheries. And the formula is balanced for any age and life stage, so I know I'm giving Griffey complete nutrition even as he ages.

I'm really excited for my dogs to start eating the Organic Chicken & Liver recipe dry food (though we may need to sample the Organic Turkey & Liver too). Tender & True has cat food as well for our feline besties and a great selection of canned food for both dogs and cats. And the entire line is USDA certified organic.

Want to learn more about how to give your dog the perfect superfood (and show him some love too)?  Find Tender & True near you and give it a try today!

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