Ferdinand's Flowers: Family Dinner Book Club Craft for The Story of Ferdinand

It's time for another month of Family Dinner Book Club, which means we've put together another really fun and simple craft idea that your whole family can enjoy. And it's perfect to help decorate your table for your Family Dinner Book Club night. This month's book is one of my all time favorites, with a lovely message that seems truly appropriate right now.

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If you're new to Family Dinner Book Club, the idea is simple. Every month, we give you everything you need to enjoy a book club night with your entire family. Jodie from Growing Book by Book shares our book of the month along with book club conversation starters and service projects. Sarah from Chef Sarah Elizabeth gives you a mouth watering themed menu, and I share a book inspired craft.

The Story of Ferdinand

This month's Family Dinner Book Club pick is The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf. First published in 1936, The Story of Ferdinand introduces us to Ferdinand, the biggest bull in town, who has no interest in fighting. Instead, he'd rather sit under his favorite cork tree and smell the flowers. But when a pesky bee gets in his way, his peace is broken. What happens next? You'll have to read it to find out.

I've always loved the peaceful message behind The Story of Ferdinand and it seems especially poignant and appropriate for the turbulent and violent times we are experiencing now. 

Inspired by Ferdinand's love of flowers, we decided to make some flowers of our own to decorate our Family Dinner Book Club table this month. This is a really fun process art activity that's appropriate for all ages - and really easy too. Here's what you do.

Making Ferdinand's Flowers

For this table craft, you'll need materials that you probably already have at home. You can substitute any of your children's favorite art supplies to make the project work for your family (but I'll show you what we used too). You'll need:

Use your scalloped scissors to cut out simple flower shapes from the construction paper. Then set out all your supplies and invite your children to create flowers of their own! Help them glue the craft sticks to each flower shape if needed, then allow them to be creative and decorate their flowers any way they'd like.

My boys loved using the glitter glue since it's not something that we often use.

We used washi tape but stickers work great as well. Use any supplies that you have on hand and let their imaginations go wild!

When you're finished, you'll have a colorful bouquet that Ferdinand would love! You can use these as placecards for your Family Dinner Book Club table by simply writing everyone's name on the craft stick, or put them in a vase in the center of the table for everyone to enjoy.

Once your craft is complete, be sure to head over to Growing Book by Book for this month's book club conversation starters and service projects, and then to Chef Sarah Elizabeth for what is always a mouth watering book themed menu.

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