Organizing Kids Clothes for Stress Free Mornings

Organizing kids clothes is the key to a successful morning with preschoolers. See how we did it with a super easy DIY solution!

Organize your kids clothes for a stress free morning routine! Let little kids become more independent and reduce morning meltdowns with this simple organizing solution. Makes a super cute DIY for their room too!

"I want to do it myself!" "Where are my socks?!"

Sound familiar? When you're rushing to get out the door in the morning, these words can raise your blood pressure and signal the start of a power struggle that no one will win. But I've found a secret to making our mornings stress free. Organizing my kids clothes and other necessities so that they are accessible and easy to find helps reduce our morning stress to set us up for smooth sailing through the day. We conquered this by organizing our kids' bathroom already, and now it's time to work on organizing my kids' clothes for stress free mornings too.

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Organizing Kids Clothes for Stress Free Mornings

We recently updated my twins' room from a nursery to a big kid bedroom, and we purged a lot of baby stuff. We had this great 6 cube organizer that was filled with baby essentials like diapers, wipes and little blankets. I was able to clean it out and as soon as it was empty, I knew we had the perfect organizer to let my boys pick out and organize their own clothes for the week. I just needed a little DIY magic to make it happen.

Note: if you are doing this project, please be sure to anchor this unit to the wall for safety.

To make your own organizer for kids' clothes, you'll need:

Use the markers to write the days of the week on your labels. Place one on the front of each fabric drawer. The labels do not stick very well by themselves to the drawers, so use some tacky or fabric glue on the back of each one to ensure a good bond. Allow the glue to dry.

Once the labels are dry, you're ready to fill up your cube organizer and organize your kids clothes for the week!

To help use get organized for the week ahead, I set all of the drawers out on the floor, and invited the boys to help me choose their outfits for the week. 

There's plenty of room in the bins for clothes for both boys, as well as any special things they may need each day (sports uniforms, suits and towels for swim lessons, etc.) By organizing our clothes at the beginning of the week, we can avoid morning power struggles and hopefully keep ourselves on schedule for the school day.

Each morning, they're able to grab their own clothes and get dressed "by themselves!" as they like to insist. The drawers are easy for them to pull out and find everything that they need. And I love how neat and organized their clothes are and that we aren't scrambling to find socks at the last minute!

PS - if those pesky socks are still a problem, you can try this awesome DIY sock bin idea too.

Organizing my kids clothes in advance for the week really helps us to not only have smooth mornings, but also helps them to feel more independent and in control. This helps us to all feel less stress on even the busiest morning and preps us for a good day ahead!

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