Chicken Apple Ranch Pizza: Perfect Potluck Dish

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This Chicken Apple Ranch Pizza is an easy summer dinner or a perfect potluck recipe! Everyone will love it and it is so simple to make - you've got to try it!

Is there anything better than a family gathering in the Summer? Graduations, Father's Day celebrations, potlucks - there are so many wonderful reasons to get together and celebrate. My mom is the master of planning family parties, so when I told her that I was working with Litehouse to create a potluck dish incorporating one of their delicious refrigerated dressings, she told me that her all time favorite was my grandma's Waldorf salad.

I've always loved the fresh fruit and walnut flavors of Waldorf salad, mixed with a creamy delicious dressing. And as we chatted and reminisced, we came up with the perfect easy potluck recipe. Paying tribute to my grandma's famous salad but with a new twist that my kids LOVE, our Chicken Apple Ranch Pizza was born.

The best potluck dishes have a few things in common - they're easy to prepare ahead of time, they travel well, and don't require anything complicated to serve (or eat). And of course, they have flavors that are loved by just about everyone. This Chicken Apple Ranch Pizza hits the mark on all of these. And when you use Litehouse refrigerated dressing, you know it will be fresh and delicious. Real food deserves real dressing, straight from the refrigerated section.

Chicken Apple Ranch Pizza Recipe


  • 2 cans refrigerated crescent style rolls
  • 12 oz (1 1/2 packages) cream cheese, softened
  • 3/4 cup Litehouse Homestyle Ranch dressing (find it in the refrigerated section, next to the fresh veggies)
  • 2 cups cooked shredded chicken
  • 1 cup chopped apple 
  • 1/2 cup chopped walnuts (these can be omitted if allergies are a concern)
  • chives and black pepper, to taste


Preheat your oven to 375 degrees. Roll out your crescent roll dough onto a large rimmed baking sheet, pressing the seams together to form a pizza crust. Bake the crust for 10-12 minutes or until golden brown. Tip: when you remove the crust from the oven, press it down gently to flatten into a smooth surface.

Allow crust to cool completely.

Next, mix together your cream cheese and Litehouse Homestyle Ranch dressing in a large bowl. I use an electric mixer to make it really smooth and creamy.

At this point you may be tempted to taste the cream cheese/Ranch mixture. It's OK. It's actually quite delicious as a spread on crackers or apple slices all by itself. Feel free to make a little extra just for that (if you want to make extra for dip, use 2 packages of cream cheese and 1 cup of Ranch).

Next, gather your toppings and cooled crust. Spread the cream cheese mixture evenly over the crust, leaving a little room at the edges. Sprinkle with the cooked shredded chicken, chopped apples, and chopped walnuts. 

Tip: if you're making this ahead of serving, sprinkle the apples with a little lemon juice to prevent browning

Add chives and black pepper to taste if desired. Press the toppings down slightly so they will stick firmly.

Keep refrigerated until serving, then cut into squares to serve. So simple and so delicious! 

It makes a great easy summer dinner too - just add a green salad with a drizzle of Litehouse Homestyle Ranch. So yummy!

I know this Chicken Apple Ranch pizza is going to become one of our new family favorites, and will definitely be a staple at our potlucks for years to come. And by using fresh, refrigerated Litehouse Homestyle Ranch, I know that it will be as fresh and tasty as can be.  Check out the entire line of fresh refrigerated Litehouse dressings, dips, and more here!

What's your favorite potluck dish? Leave a comment below and let me know.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Litehouse. All opinions are my own.

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