5 Things to Do Every Day to Keep Your Bathroom Clean

Keep your bathroom clean longer by doing these 5 things every day!

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No one likes cleaning the bathroom. Trust me. I'm in the process of potty training two boys and I am afraid I will never have a truly clean bathroom again. But like the rest of my home, I find that I can do a few simple things every day to keep my bathroom clean. This list won't replace your regular deep cleaning, but it will make sure that your bathroom stays cleaner longer, and by doing these simple tasks you can make a big difference!

5 Things to Do Every Day to Keep Your Bathroom Clean

Organize Your Stuff

The key to keeping any area of your house clean is to have a system for organizing your stuff. If things don't have a place to go, they will end up all over and it will never be clean. The bathroom is no exception. Make sure that medicines, toiletries, and cosmetics all have a place to call their own, preferably off the countertops and stored safely. And put them away after you use them!

Need bathroom organizing inspiration? I love these 15 organizing hacks for tiny bathrooms.

Wipe Down Your Counters Daily

Bathroom counter tops and surfaces get dirty so quickly - from water spots to toothpaste drips and everything in between. Your bathroom won't feel clean until the counter tops have been wiped down. I do a quick wipe every day to help keep things clean and under control. Store a roll of paper towels and your favorite multi-purpose cleaner (or a package of disinfecting wipes) right in the bathroom so you have no excuse to make sure this is done each day.

Spray the Shower After Each Use

Cleaning the shower and bathtub is such a chore, but you can really cut down on grime and soap scum by using a shower spray daily. My mom actually swears by cleaning the shower while she's IN the shower, but my showers are usually way too fast for this (I've got twin preschoolers, so who knows what they are getting into while I'm grabbing a quick shower). But I do have time to give the shower a quick spray with shower cleaner after each use, and it makes a big difference.

You can find shower spray in the store or make your own - I love this easy homemade shower spray recipe.

No Fuss Toilet Cleaning

No one wants to clean the toilet every day, but this simple hack is quick and easy enough to do every day to keep your toilet fresh. Sprinkle about 1/4 cup of Borax in the toilet bowl and give it a quick swish with a toilet brush before you go to bed. Let it soak overnight - it will loosen the stains and grime while you sleep. Then in the morning give it a flush and go about your day. It won't get everything (again, potty training boys here) but it will help keep odors and germs at bay.

Toss the Tube

Keep things clean by cutting down on bathroom waste. One easy way to do this is to switch to Scott Tube-Free toilet paper. Scott's Tube-Free toilet paper eliminates the (totally unnecessary) cardboard tube, which we all know just ends up hanging out on the holder until Mom changes it. And then fills up our trash cans to the tune of 150 tubes per year for the average family.

By using Scott's Tube-Free toilet paper, you're still getting the cushiony soft quality you expect without the extra trash to take out. And as an added bonus, you're making a small step that can have a big impact on the environment.

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Find Scott Tube-Free in a store near you (and make sure you have your Scott Tube-Free Coupon). And find out how many tubes your family uses in a year too!

By making these simple changes to your daily routine you can keep your bathroom clean, and by switching to Scott's Tube-Free toilet paper, you can help reduce your impact on the environment too. Small steps can make a big difference!

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