Thursday, November 12, 2015

How Many Days Until Christmas: Free Christmas Countdown Printable

How Many Days Until Christmas? Keep track with this easy DIY Christmas Countdown sign - includes free printable background and numbers! A fun Christmas Countdown activity for the whole family.

The Christmas countdown is on! One of the most exciting parts of Christmas is counting down to the big day. As parents, we've all heard "how many days until Christmas?" more times than we can count. We have a homemade Advent calendar that I adore - it was made by my aunt before I was born - but it's a little delicate for my boys right now. I wanted to make something that we could do together to count the days until Christmas and this Christmas countdown printable fits the bill!

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This DIY Christmas countdown sign is super easy to put together, and can be used for as many days as you'd like before Christmas. It's also pretty flexible - you can hang it on the wall, make a stand for the mantle, or glue magnets to the back and put it on the refrigerator. Here's how it's done.

Christmas Countdown Supplies:


First, paint 2 clothespins with gold metallic paint. Allow to dry.

While the paint is drying, download your Christmas countdown printable set by clicking on the button below. I recommend printing on card stock.


Use the paper cutter to cut your numbers into approximately 3.25" squares (it does not need to be exact).

The numbers printable contains a full set of 0-9 and an additional 0-2 - this is all you need if you use the countdown for 29 days or less. If you are going to go longer you may need to print an additional set.

Once your clothespins are dry, use Gorilla Glue (be sparing - a little goes a long way) to glue them to the top of the printable. The top of the clothespins should be approximately .25" from the top of the page. The left and right clothespins should be approximately 2.25" from the edge of the page. 

From here you have a lot of flexibility as to how you want to display your Christmas countdown. I glued mine to the back of an old 8x10 picture frame. You can frame it for display or to hang on a wall, or glue magnets on the back and put it on the refrigerator.

Once you have it up, you can begin your Christmas countdown! Simply clip your printed numbers with the clothespins to indicate the number of days until Christmas.

I will confess ours is already up and running! My boys love changing the numbers every morning, and it's a wonderful activity for them to not only get excited for Christmas, but to also practice their number recognition and counting skills. We love it!

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