5 Things to Do Every Day to Keep Your Dog Healthy & Happy

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Do these 5 little things every day to keep your dog healthy and happy! A daily dog care routine that really works.

Keeping my family healthy and happy is my number one priority, and that includes the four legged members too. I've been a "dog mom" for seven years now, and there are a few things that I've discovered are essential for my dogs' well being. These are easy things that you can (and should) do every day to make sure your dogs have a healthy daily routine that keeps them happy too!

1. Take a Walk. We have a fenced yard, so my dogs don't need to go out for walks for "business trips." But I still try to take a walk with them every day for their overall health and happiness. Walking is great exercise, but more importantly it helps to stimulate their brains as they explore, sniff, and take in the world outside our home. It's great for their mental well being (and mine!). A quick 15 minute walk in the evening is perfect for all of us to decompress from the day.

2. Play. Play is incredibly important for dogs. Many scientific studies have shown that play has real benefits for dogs physically and mentally (and PS - it's FUN!). So I make sure that we get the chance to play together every day. This one is actually pretty easy for us - unless the weather is just awful, I'm outside every day with the kids and the dogs. My kids are getting pretty good at throwing the tennis ball, and my dog is very patient at playing "big bad wolf" to the boys' little pigs (OK, that usually means he's just sitting outside their playhouse while they pretend. Isn't imagination wonderful?)

3. Give them a pat down. Petting your dog every day seems simple but it's so beneficial. It helps establish a connection between you and your dog while reducing both of your stress levels. It's also a good idea to give your dog a quick physical once over every day to check for lumps, bumps, ticks, or unexpected sore spots so you can get any problems checked out before they worsen.

4. Check their ID. I double check my dogs' collars every day to make sure they are secure, not too tight or loose, and that their ID tags are still attached and legible. I keep my dogs safely in my home or yard, but if an accident were to happen and they were to get loose, I want to be sure that they can be easily returned to me. Millions of dogs end up in animal shelters every year and sadly not all of them find their way back home. Ensuring they are wearing proper ID at all times is critical to help your dog get home in an emergency. For extra protection, my dogs have also been microchipped - ask your veterinarian about this service if yours is not.

5. Give them Healthy Snacks. My dogs love to snack, and I love to give them treats. But we are careful not to overindulge, and I try to give them the healthiest option possible for their daily snack. That's why I love these White Meat Chicken Cutlets from Purina Beyond. My dogs LOVE them and I can feel good about the fact that they are grain free with chicken as the #1 ingredient. And what's NOT in them is just as important: NO corn, wheat, soy, poultry by-product meal, or artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.  They're made in small batches in Arkansas and my dogs go absolutely crazy for them! When I can find something they love that is natural and healthy it's a win for all of us.

To help make sure I'm doing these 5 things every day, I put together a Healthy Essentials basket for my pups. I keep my Purina Beyond snacks in there, along with a few tennis balls for playing, a leash and waste bags for our walks (great way to reuse my Target shopping bags!), and an extra collar just in case. Now I have everything we need in one spot!

I pick up our Purina Beyond snacks and all our healthy pet essentials on my weekly run to Target. Right now you can even save 10% on Purina Beyond Dog Snacks at Target with this awesome Cartwheel offer! (valid 10/4-10/31)

How can Purina Beyond snacks fit into your dog's daily healthy routine? Check them out here and leave a comment below to let me know!
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