Favorite Interactive Board Books for Babies & Toddlers

Our favorite interactive books for babies & toddlers! 

Our favorite interactive board books! Babies and toddlers love these books with fun textures to touch and play!

Babies and toddlers love interactive books. Books that engage their sense of touch and give them flaps to lift and levers to pull are wonderful for their development and help them to become life long book lovers. I'm re-organizing and rotating the boys' books and as I'm going through them I'm finding quite a few of their well-worn interactive favorites and I want to share them with you!

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That's Not My Puppy... My boys still ask for this one at bedtime. Usborne's "That's Not My..." series of touchy feely books covers everything from puppies to ducks to monsters to princes! The books are filled with wonderful textures for babies and toddlers to explore. The puppy book is our favorite with That's Not My Monkey not far behind.

Pat the Bunny. This classic touch and feel book has been a favorite for generations, since its publication in 1940. My boys loved it as babies over 70 years after it was first published. 

Farm (My First Touch and Feel) This is another wonderful book with lots of textures to touch and explore. Each page has a different farm animal and teaches animal names and sounds as well. This book is well loved in our house.

Where's Spot? This lift the flap book has been read so many times my boys could recite it at a very young age. They loved lifting the flaps to see if they could find Spot and always giggled with delight at the funny animals they found instead. Where's Spot? even inspired one of our favorite indoor boredom buster activities: Hide & Seek with Where's Spot!

Bizzy Bear Fun on the Farm We actually have a couple of the Bizzy Bear books and they are perfect for little hands. They have fun flaps, levers, and tabs that bring out surprises and fun motion. These are high on our list of favorites!

Construction Sites: Lift and Look This is a new favorite that is better for older toddlers. Big truck fans like my boys will love to lift the flap to find the hidden blue bird on each page. If Construction Sites aren't your kid's favorite, there are lots of other choices in the Lift and Look series, including Planes and Dinosaurs!

Poke-A-Dot: An Alphabet Eye Spy If you haven't checked out the Poke A Dot books you need to! They are so clever and really fun. They have little plastic dots all over each page that kids can poke and pop - think bubble wrap that doesn't break! My boys love them - this Alphabet Eye Spy is their newest favorite but we also have Old McDonald's Farm

The Cheerios Play Book Grandma picked this one out for us and it is perfect to entertain toddlers before dinner or in restaurants. Each page has special places where toddlers can complete the pictures by adding in their favorite cereal. Playing with Cheerios is wonderful for fine motor practice and no worries if they snack while they read! This is the one we have, but I'm really excited to check out the other books in the series, especially the Halloween and Christmas versions.

Want even more interactive books for little ones? I love this list from Moms & Crafters!

Do your babies or toddlers have a favorite interactive book? Is there another one I need to put on our list? Leave a comment or message me on Facebook and let me know.

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