10 Fall Health Tips Your Family Needs

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Healthy living tips for families! 10 easy ways to keep your family healthy and happy this Fall.

As we head into Fall with its cooler weather, back to school craziness, and sweet treats, it's easy to slide into unhealthy habits. But you don't have to! Healthy living can be simple all year long with a few easy changes. These easy Fall health tips will keep your family feeling good all season long.

I'm a Sam's Club member, and by shopping at Sam's Club I can find everything that I need to keep my family happy and healthy in Fall, and all year long. It's my favorite place to stock up on the essentials for my top 10 tips for healthy living!

10 Tips to Keep Your Family Healthy This Fall

1. Leave your shoes at the door. We walk through all kinds of yucky places during the course of our day, so don't track that dirt into your home. My kids love to lay on the floor to read and play, so I keep it clean by having a basket for shoes right inside the front door.

2.  Keep plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables available for snacking.  Make fresh fruits and vegetables that are easy to grab and eat, like apples, bananas, grapes, and baby carrots, available to encourage healthy snacking. Keep a bowl of fresh fruit on the counter and snack size bags of cut vegetables in the refrigerator for a healthy alternative to chips and cookies. I love to shop at Sam's Club for my fruits and vegetables because I always get a great deal on what's in season.

3. Drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated is one of the most important things you can do for your overall health, and sometimes in cooler weather we forget to take along our water! I stock up at Sam's Club so I always have a bottle of water with me.

4. Plan your meals. I'm a huge fan of meal planning and making freezer meals. When I know what's for dinner and I have the ingredients ready, I'm much less likely to serve unhealthy options like fast food or takeout. I buy meat in bulk at Sam's Club and with it I'm able to make a week's worth of meals in an hour. So easy!

5. Clean your countertops and avoid cross contamination. I keep disinfecting wipes out all the time so that I can just grab one when I need to clean up a spill. I'm also very careful to change my knife and cutting board after I've handled raw meat. Keeping things clean in your food preparation area and avoiding cross contamination will significantly lower your risk of food borne illness.

6. Keep tissues everywhere. If you have kids, you know they seem to sniffle and sneeze all the time. Keep tissues in every room so that those sneezes go where they should, and not on little hands which then touch everything! Tissues are a great item to add to your Sam's Club shopping list.

7. Wash your hands. Speaking of those little hands... make sure that your kids (and you!) are washing hands frequently. This is your number one way to prevent germs from spreading so you stay healthy all season long! Soap and water are best at home, but I like to stock up on hand wipes and sanitizer for my purse and the car. 

8. Stock your medicine cabinet... before you get sick. My kids only seem to get sick in the middle of the night. That's why I keep our cabinets filled with necessities like pain relievers, fever reducers, indigestion medicine, and first aid supplies. Sam's Club has everything I need to make sure that we're prepared for those middle of the night "I don't feel good" wake ups.

9. Get plenty of sleep. This is a hard one for me as the mom of 3 year old twins. I don't know if I've had a truly good night of sleep since they were born! But I strive to go to bed early and sleep as long as they let me. We also have a "no screens" rule starting an hour before bedtime so that our minds can wind down and we can get as much quality sleep as possible.

10. Stay on top of your health with regular checkups and take advantage of free health screenings. They say prevention is the best medicine, so be sure to schedule an annual physical for yourself and well child visits for your children. And, stay on top of things before they become a problem by taking advantage of FREE health screenings available at Sam's Club! Click here for the schedule and to find a Sam's Club near you.

For even more simple ways to keep your family healthy, check out Sam's Club Healthy Living Made Simple MagazineYou can find great information on topics like baby care, nutrition and diet, exercise, and more. I've gotten some great tips from Sam's Club Healthy Living Made Simple Magazine and I'm sure you will too.

Now that I've shared my top 10 ways to stay healthy with Sam's Club I want to hear your healthy living ideas! Check out Sam's Club Healthy Living Made Simple Magazine and let me know your favorite tip to keep your family healthy. Leave a comment below!
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