Mom's Memory a Day: Free Printable Journal

Kids grow up so fast. It seems like a blink of an eye and my newborns are already toddling towards 3. I have taken a million pictures of them but I have been terrible at keeping up with baby books and journaling. I always have the best intentions but fall short at the end of a long, tiring day.

I recently tried a new approach to recording my mom memories and it is going so well that I want to share it. It truly works and it only takes 5 minutes a day!

The idea is simple - at the end of every day, take 5 minutes and write down one moment from your day. A funny quote (kids say the BEST things and we never remember them!). Something your kids did that made you smile (or scream). A quick snapshot of your life each day. You don't need to write a lot - there's not enough room for that - because the idea is to record a moment that will become a memory.

All those little moments will soon add up to a lifetime of memories. And when you inevitably feel like time has flown by you will be able to look back and remember all those little moments that make up our lives as moms.

Want to give it a try? It's free! Here's a preview of the three types of pages included - click here to access the files and start your journal today!

Download your free journal now!

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