Build A Snowman: Busy Bag Activity

I love busy bag activities for my toddlers because it's a quiet, screen free activity that we can take anywhere. We've been having a lot of fun with puzzle activities made from felt - check out our owl and turkey projects. Now that Christmas and winter are fast approaching, I thought we'd try a snowman. He might be our favorite yet!

Here's what you need:
  • Felt - white, black, brown, orange, and a background of your choosing
  • Googly eyes
  • 3 buttons
  • Velcro
  • Mod Podge or fabric paint
  • Bowls (for tracing)
  • Scissors

Start with your white felt. Trace 1 small and 1 larger circle (I used 2 bowls from my kitchen). Cut them out.

Apply Mod Podge or other fabric glue to the back of your circles.

Adhere circles to your background piece of felt. I had this cool patterned piece to use but any color is fine. Allow to dry.

While that is drying, collect your googly eyes and buttons. Attach a piece of velcro (the stiffer "hook" side only) to the back of each. 

(Note: this activity contains small parts and children should always be supervised while playing. If you are worried about small pieces, use felt circles for the eyes and buttons).

Then cut your felt pieces. You will need:
  • Carrot shape cut from orange felt.
  • Hat shape cut from black felt.
  • Scarf cut from red felt. Cut a rectangle and then make 2 small cuts in one end. Fluff the edges so it lays like the fringe on a scarf.
  • 2 arms from brown felt. Cut 2 equal sized rectangles with a triangle shape at the end. Make 2 small cuts at the larger end and fluff out for the "fingers."

Here are all the pieces together:

And your snowman once assembled:

I always give the puzzle to my toddlers fully assembled, then let them pull the pieces off and try to reassemble. They loved this one!

This is such a fun activity for them, and great for fine motor skills as well as spatial relations as they try to put all the pieces back in order.

When we're done, I like to store our puzzles in these large zipper pouches from Thirty One. 

It's the perfect size to hold everything (and much more!). The zipper keeps everything contained and when we are heading out to a restaurant or doctor's appointment I can just grab the bag, throw it in my purse, and keep my kids entertained on the go without using a screen.

Seriously, I love these large zipper pouches - especially in the new owl print, Hoo's Happy! If you'd like to order one yourself, visit my Thirty One website. (affiliate link)

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