3 Ingredients for Backyard Fun (easy and cheap!)

3 Ingredients for Backyard Fun.

We love being outside. I am completely convinced that time spent playing outside makes my kids happier and healthier. It seems there's an endless supply of fancy (read: expensive) toys designed for outdoor play. That's great if you've got money to throw away, but I am a firm believer that outdoor fun should be simple, cheap, and easy. Throw in some sunshine and you've got a recipe for hours of fun. Here's my top 3 essentials to keep little ones occupied for hours:

So easy. Seriously. We have a water table that the boys got for Christmas last year, and it is awesome. Fill it up and go. But you don't need a fancy table that can go from $40 up to $70-$80! A good sized plastic tub will do the job just fine.  The possibilities are endless - we have used it as a Toy Truck Wash (from Paging Fun Mums) and a plastic animal bath. We love to "paint" with water too.  Repurpose some old cups and scoops and your little ones will be entertained for hours.

We also have one of those awesome beach ball sprinklers,  but my boys always beg for the hose. So simple. Just use the "mist" setting on your spray nozzle and they will laugh wildly. I promise.

There's a reason that sand boxes have been around forever. It's because they're awesome and toddlers love them. We got ours for free on craigslist, so again, don't spend a lot on something fancy here. An under bed size plastic box works great here too (just make sure you have a tight fitting lid to keep critters out).  Get creative with what you use in the sandbox - cars, trucks, measuring cups, funnels... the possibilities are endless!

Sidewalk Chalk
I love sidewalk chalk. It's cheap (I got a box of 50 for $5 at the grocery store) though you can make your own. I love this idea for erupting ice chalk (from Learn Play Imagine). We use it on our patio, picnic table, and sliding glass door. Occasionally on our white dog too (he's a good sport). It washes right off so after a rain we get a fresh canvas. Love it!

Add in a little sunscreen, some snacks, and this is really all you need for hours of fresh air entertainment. Get outside and enjoy!
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