An Introduction

I don't know if anyone will read this, so I kind of feel like I'm sitting here talking to myself. Which is not all that unusual for me as a stay at home mom of twin toddlers. But I'm not writing this for an audience, right now it's just for me, and my family. You see, I'm really bad at baby books. I mean really bad. When I was pregnant with my boys, I bought these adorable baby books with the best of intentions. And the "before you were born" sections are gorgeous - all photos and captions and bells and whistles. Then I had twins, and well... getting a shower and more than an hour's sleep was a major accomplishment for the first year (or two, but who's counting?). My boys just turned two and I feel like their lives are just flying by. So I'd like to document some of our adventures this way, and if it gives another family an idea for fun, or a good healthy meal, or a new way to do something, then awesome. Because moms need to share and support each other, don't you think?

The other inspiration for this blog is my dad. He passed away in March, and I miss him terribly every day. I miss talking to him and sharing pictures of the boys and telling him about my day. He was the most amazing, positive person I have ever met, and in a way I can talk to him here. The name of this blog is inspired by him. He had a lung transplant three years before he died, and he went through hell and back to spend those three extra years with his family. Hospital visits, procedures, more medication than you can imagine, and he always had a great outlook and a smile on his face. His mantra was, "every day is a good day, even when it rains." Since we lost him, I've tried to carry on this attitude and make every day a sunny day.

So if you are reading this, welcome. Let's make it a good day.
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