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Our moms book club meets online every month so you can wear your PJs & you don't need a sitter!

Before I had kids, I never missed my monthly book club. I loved the frank, spirited conversations that always started about books and usually moved on to bigger topics of life in general. Connecting with other women over a great book and a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine) is something to treasure. But with twins and a crazy schedule, it became harder and harder to find time for our book club.

A moms book club that meets online - perfect for busy moms who love to read and connect!

An Online Moms Book Club

Since I've had my boys I don't make it to book club enough, which is why I'm so excited to be joining my friends Meghan at Playground Parkbench  and Erika at Pray Species to host an online moms book club!

Every month, we'll be reading a new book together and then getting together online to discuss. Just like a regular book club, except you don't have to leave the house (and it's totally OK to wear your pajamas).  We announce a new book on the first Monday of each month on Instagram and in our Facebook group, and then chat on Facebook on the last Monday of the month at 9:00pm Eastern time.

I love having an online moms book club. It's given me the chance to connect with other moms from all over the country, who are all dealing with the same challenges that I am raising young children. But we talk about so much more than kids! We all connect through our love of books, and recognize that we need time to come together and have adult conversations to restore our sanity.

And the great thing about meeting online is that you don't need to book a sitter, and you can have a glass of wine or two if you'd like without worrying about driving home. Or even a decadent evening snack. It's your mom time out, you deserve to relax and enjoy.

Click here to join Mom's Book Nook - we'd love to have you!

Browse all our Mom's Book Nook past picks here. You can find out what we're reading now by joining the Facebook group or checking us out on Instagram. We pick our new book each month through a members poll, so you can have a say in what you want to read next. And we love to check in and chat books all month long!

How to Run a Book Club

Hosting our online moms book club and my own in person book club has taught me a lot about how to make a successful book club work. I'm sharing some of my favorite ideas and tips with you every month! Check them out below, along with some great book club book recommendations.

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