Family Meal Planning

What does mealtime look like in your house? Does it involve a last minute search through the pantry and freezer, hoping for some culinary magic to produce a real meal? Or are you ordering take out because you've just given up?

What if instead, you were enjoying your family time, working on homework, or just relaxing, because you know what you will have for dinner every night and there's a good chance that it's been cooking for you all day. Sounds impossible, but with a little planning, it's totally doable.

Want to have all your meal planning done and save money at the same time? Here's all the meal planning help you need in one place!

If your family dinner is more often the first scenario, then you need to invest some time in meal planning. When you have a family, mealtime is always a little chaotic, but with careful planning you can get organized and know what you'll be serving each night. I can't make your kids eat their vegetables, but I can help you get dinner organized and on the table with a lot less stress. 

Get Organized for Family Meal Planning

The first step to get organized is to have all your family favorite recipes and meal plans in one place. I have the perfect solution for you with my Printable Recipe & Meal Planning Organizer.

With everything you need to organize your recipes & prepare your meal plans, this organizer has 26 total pages including:

Front Cover
Binder Tabs (pre-printed & blank)
Undated Monthly Calendar
Weekly Menu & Shopping List
Full Page Recipe Card
Half Page Recipe Cards

You'll also get 17 Category Dividers to organize your recipes, plus a blank divider to customize any way you'd like. To grab the organizer for yourself, click the button below.


The Ultimate Meal Prep Idea

I'm a big fan of freezer meals when it comes to being prepared. Imagine cooking for a couple of hours one day then having healthy, homemade meals ready to go for weeks, a month or more. If you're new to freezer meals, check out my freezer meals basics here.

And if you're looking for more freezer meal ideas, try one of these freezer meals your family will love.

Family Friendly Recipes

Need more inspiration for family friendly meals, snacks, and treats? Browse all my recipes here or search by category below:

And about those veggies? I do have a few recipes with hidden vegetables that my kids have loved. I've also had the pleasure of working with a pediatrician who specializes in healthy eating for kids, Dr. Orlena Kerek. See my review of her book Crunch! and read more about her thoughts on healthy eating here.

Kids in the Kitchen

My boys love to help in the kitchen! See our essentials for cooking with kids here. You can also find a fun way to get kids involved in grocery shopping with this fun (and free) printable activity

Want more free printables on healthy eating? Click here for 7 great activities on healthy eating or here for 9 more!

My Favorite Kitchen Tools

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