Celebrate Earth Day with a FREE Printable Pack

Celebrate Earth Day with a FREE printable pack perfect for families and homeschoolers!

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Earth Day was first celebrated over 50 years ago in 1970 and has become a global event that is celebrated by over a billion people. Earth Day has inspired songs, movements, and even laws to help protect our planet, and it's the focus of our Family Dinner Book Club for April as we continue with our year of celebrations.

Celebrate Earth Day with a Free Printable Set

There are lots of ways that you can celebrate Earth Day and pledge to be an eco-friendly family. Along with my Family Dinner Book Club co-hosts Jodie and Sarah, we have everything you need to celebrate this holiday with your family or in your homeschool.

Get the Printable Pack

This FREE printable set will walk you through everything you need to celebrate Earth Day, including Earth Day facts, an Earth Day themed book to read (get more Earth Day book ideas here), an Earth Day themed menu, and Earth Day activities to try with your kids. 

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