30 Fun Things to Do at Home with Your Dog

Staying home is fun when you have a dog by your side! Grab this free printable calendar of fun things you can do at home with your dog.

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For all of the stress that staying at home has caused us this year, there has been one bright side. Pet adoptions have skyrocketed since March, as people realized that staying home is better with a dog.

Staying Home is Better with a Dog

This is something I've known for years. Our pack has been established for over 10 years, with two now 12 year old dogs who have been brothers since puppyhood, and a 15 year old cat who acts like a dog (and honestly rules the roost). 

We're also no strangers to spending lots of time at home. When my twins were newborns, it was tough to get out of the house on my own, and my dogs helped to keep us all entertained. They were my constant companions through many sleepless nights too.

If you're new to staying home with dogs, or just looking for new ways to keep them entertained, I have exactly what you need. Starting with a brand new show on Amazon Prime that you can all watch together!

Now that my dogs are seniors, I'll admit that their favorite activity is snuggling on the couch for a nap and a show. That's why we are super excited to curl up this weekend to watch The Pack on Amazon Prime.

The Pack is a new unscripted show that highlights the bond between dogs and their people. Host Lindsey Vonn and her dog Lucy introduces us to twelve human-canine teams on an epic adventure around the globe, with a $750,000 prize awaiting the winner!

We are pretty picky about which dog shows we watch, and The Pack won my heart by donating $250,000 to animal charities and rescue organizations, and including a $250,000 donation to the winner's animal charity of choice as part of the prize package. They also designed the challenges each team will face with a team of veterinarians and experts so that every has fun safely.

Since we are staying home, we're all super excited to live vicariously through the teams on The Pack and watch their adventures. It may even inspire us to get up and have some fun at home too!

Fun Things to Do at Home with Dogs

You don't need to travel the world to have fun with your pack: you have everything you need at home!

Whether you're staying indoors or have a backyard to roam, there are tons of fun activities that you can do to bond with your dog. I've created a fun, FREE printable calendar of fun things that you and your pack can enjoy at home together.

You can get the printable calendar delivered to your email by entering your info below, and keep reading for all the ideas.

  1. Watch The Pack on Amazon Prime.
  2. Play fetch.
  3. Blow dog-safe bubbles.
  4. Build an obstacle course.
  5. Teach your dog a new trick.
  6. Make homemade dog treats.
  7. Hide treats under plastic cups for your dog to find.
  8. Play tug.
  9. Play frisbee.
  10. Make a stuffed kong for your dog.
  11. Have a dog-human photo shoot.
  12. Do yoga together.
  13. Paint or draw a portrait of your dog. Keep him still with treats!
  14. Give your dog a spa day.
  15. Make homemade dog toys.
  16. Try learning to jump rope together.
  17. Let your dog "paw paint" with dog-safe paints.
  18. Have a doggie dance party.
  19. Take a nap together.
  20. Read aloud to your dog (this is my son's favorite).
  21. Hide treats and play find it.
  22. Make your dog a homemade Puppucino.
  23. Take a video of your dog and add a voice over of what he is saying (lots of inspiration on TikTok for this one!)
  24. Teach your dog the name of his toys and let him help put them away.
  25. Sing to your dog and see if he sings back!
  26. Try an iPad game for dogs.
  27. Play Simon says.
  28. Put some treats in a cardboard box, wrap it, and let your dog open it!
  29. Play hide and seek.
  30. Make a homemade meal for your dog.

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