Make a DIY Farmhouse Book Stack for Christmas

Add this DIY farmhouse style book stack to your Christmas decor this holiday. 

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Are you dreaming of a farmhouse Christmas? I know I am. This year I'm all about simple, rustic touches when it comes to Christmas decor.

Getting that farmhouse look can get pricey. But it doesn't have to! You can make a lot of the pieces you see on your favorite design shows at home, with just some simple materials.

Farmhouse book stacks are super popular right now, and they could not be easier to make.

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DIY Farmhouse Book Stack for Christmas

To make your own farmhouse style book stack for Christmas, you'll need:

- assortment of paperback books
- scissors
- twine
- holiday greenery
- black marker

Head to a thrift store or library book sale for inexpensive paperback books, if you don't have some already at home that you are willing to use. Look for books in alternating sizes that you can stack up nicely. Older paperbacks will have a nice, vintage color to the pages and will look better than stark white/newer books.


1. Begin by gently peeling the cover off the books. You want to remove the cover completely, taking care to leave the spine intact since this is where your writing will go.

2. Once the covers have been removed, use your scissors to trim away any excess paper scraps.

3. Stack up the books so the largest book is at  the bottom of the stack and the smallest rests at the top of the stack.

4. Use a black marker to write your holiday song lyrics on the spine of your book. Use any song lyrics you wish and write them in order, working from the top of the stack down to the bottom. You can use a favorite holiday expression too! Some ideas for what to write (besides what is shown).

Silent Night Holy Night
Let it Snow
Merry and Bright
Christmastime is Here
Joy to the World
Jingle All the Way

5. Allow the ink a few minutes to dry. Take a length of twine and wrap it around the books like you are wrapping a holiday gift.

6. Finish off the stack by adding some faux holiday greenery at the top of the stack.

Your upcycled farmhouse book stack is now ready to be displayed!

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