7 Ways Your Family Can Help Fight Hunger in Your Community

Child hunger is everywhere and you can help fight hunger in your community with these simple ideas that families can do together.

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Did you know that in America, 1 in 5 children will go hungry each year.

Think about your child's classroom. In a class of 20 students, that means that at least 4 of your child's friends may not have enough food at home. 

And that number could be much higher depending on your community.

Hunger is not a far away problem. It is something that faces children and families all around us.

That's why our Family Dinner Book Club is focusing this month on ways that families can make a difference when it comes to hunger, and our featured book is Maddi's Fridge by Lois Brandt.

There are a number of things that your family can do to fight hunger in your community, and I have them here for you along with a FREE printable checklist to get you started!

Simple ways your family can help fight hunger in your community! Child hunger is part of every town and city, and we can help fight it in our community with these simple ideas. Love these ideas for raising kids who make a difference! Part of this year's Family Dinner Book Club. Makes great service project ideas too! #fighthunger #makeadifference #randomactsofkindness #give

How to Fight Hunger in Your Community

Donate to or volunteer with a food bank

There are food banks in nearly every community, and they need our help to stay open. Make a habit of picking up extra jars of peanut butter, canned meat, or soup when you are grocery shopping and donate these items to your local food pantry. 

Not sure what to buy? See the 10 most needed items at food pantries here.

Your family can also give time by volunteering to collect, sort, and distribute food. Find a food pantry near you here.

Set up a food drive in your neighborhood, school or town

You can set up your own food drive and encourage your friends and neighbors to donate food to the community.  Click here for great tips on how to organize a food drive.

Plant a garden and give fresh vegetables to those in need

This is a wonderful project for families to do together. Plant a vegetable garden in your yard and share your harvest with those in need! 

Use this free printable garden planner to help you get started, and find more garden activities for kids here.

Set up a sharing table in your school's cafeteria

If your school does not already have a share table, take the initiative to start one! A school share table is a simple idea: unwanted food and drinks are kept at a designated location and available for anyone who wants them. The Department of Agriculture supports this idea and has share table guidelines here.

Encourage your school to start a classroom snack pantry program

A snack pantry is a simple way to fill in the gaps in school breakfast and lunch programs. You can find out how to start a snack pantry in your classroom here.

Reduce your family's food waste

It is estimated that between 30-40% of the world's food is wasted every year. By reducing our own food waste, we can help contribute to having more resources available for families in need.

It's also a simple way to encourage sharing: make too large a serving for dinner? Invite friends to join you! Especially on Family Dinner Book Club nights.

Raise money for and donate to organizations dedicated to fighting hunger

In addition to food drives, monetary donation drives are wonderful ways to support organizations that are fighting hunger. You can support your local organizations or national organizations like Rise Against Hunger. Think about creative ideas for your family to raise money like lemonade stands, dog walking services, yard sales, and more!

Love these ideas? Grab the FREE printable checklist to have them all in one spot!

Family Dinner Book Club: Making a Difference

Our Family Dinner Book Club is one of my favorite projects. Each month, my cohosts share a book list and menu to complement the month's theme.  This month you can find a list of children's books about hunger from Growing Book by Book and a mouth watering themed menu from Sarah at Chef Sarah Elizabeth.

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