10 Things You Should Do In the Kitchen Before School Starts

Organizing the kitchen is a must for busy moms at the start of the school year and these kitchen organizing hacks make back to school easy.

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They say the kitchen is the heart of a home. But during the school year it feels more like the brain.

The school year seems to revolve around the kitchen, with breakfast to make before school, lunches to pack, and of course dinner to get on the table in the midst of soccer practice and homework.

With all this activity, it's no surprise that one of the most important things you can do to get ready for back to school is organize your kitchen. 

If your kitchen is feeling more like the eye of a hurricane and less like a command center then you need to do these things in your kitchen now before the school year begins

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Prep Your Kitchen for Back to School 

Each of these back to school kitchen organizing tips is easy to do and will make a real difference in your family's routine for the entire school year!

Purge your fridge, pantry, and freezer

After a long summer, you may be hanging onto a lot of food that’s going bad. Take the time to purge your fridge, pantry, and freezer and keep only what you’ll eat.

Plan your meals in advance (this includes ALL meals)

Planning your meals in advance doesn’t just mean knowing what's for dinner. This should be done for ALL your family’s meals. This way you know what you need to get from the store now to prepare your kitchen for back to school. Need help? Click here for my favorite meal planning tips for busy moms.

Stock up on staples for your family

Take the time now to stock your home with your family’s favorite staples, or better yet, set up Subscribe and Save subscriptions for the entire year. This way you can put together meals more quickly, take fewer trips to the store, and know you won't run out on the things you use most.

Take the time to organize your food storage areas now

Organize any area in which you store food. During the busy schedule of back to school season, you won’t have time to go through these areas! Make sure you rotate food that is going to go bad soon and make note of what you need to restock.

Create a lunch system in your pantry and fridge

Create an easy lunch system for your kids to pack their own lunch. I've created a super easy way to do this in my Back to School Bootcamp and it is a game changer for making school days easier.

Create a snack station for your family

Create a snack station that your family can easily get to and grab what they need without your help. This is one less thing you need to be responsible for, and everyone knows where the snacks are and what (healthy) choices are available. Click here to see our family's snack station & get easy snack ideas for kids.

Keep a menu visible in your kitchen

This isn’t just for your sake, but your family as well! Everyone will know what’s on the menu for that night, and you can start preparing for them as a team. Use your crock pot on the busiest nights to make dinner a breeze.

Start stocking your freezer with freezer meals for busy nights

When you’re cooking dinner, double the recipe and freeze one for later! This will come in handy during busy nights when you’re too busy to cook. Want to get started making freezer meals? Check out my handy freezer meal guide here.

Start a running grocery shopping list

Keep a list handy and whenever you run out of something, add it to the list. This way you never have to guess if you’re out of something. Use the Cozi app (it's free!) to keep your grocery list on your phone at all times so you never leave it at home when you head to the store.

Implement a system to keep your kitchen tidy

It’s not enough to set up a great system for your back to school needs, you also need to make sure that your kitchen stays clean and tidy! Create a system that will help you stay on top of your cleaning so you don’t let your kitchen get too overwhelming. See the 5 things I do every day to keep my house clean and organized here.

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