One Simple Way to Keep Your House Cool on the Hottest Days

Keep your house cool during the dog days of summer with this genius addition to your home.

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My phone pinged and I glanced down to see an "Excessive Heat Warning" notification. I didn't need my weather app to tell me it was hot outside. The thermometer on our deck was inching over 100 and even my backyard loving boys wanted to stay in the house.

With temperatures hovering close to 100 and the heat index heading to 105 it's a challenge to keep your house cool even when you have central air conditioning. But there is a simple way to keep your house cool on the hottest days without overtaxing your central air or your wallet!

How to Keep Your House Cool on the Hottest Days

There are a few things that you should do in summer to keep your house cool every day. We all know to keep blinds or curtains closed to block sunlight, turn off lights we don't need, and use the oven sparingly. But even these things can't keep up when the temperature reaches triple digits. You need reinforcements, and the Midea Portable AC Unit with Wi-Fi is just the thing to keep you cool and comfortable.

How a Portable Air Conditioner Can Keep Your House Cool

I know what you're thinking. If you have central air conditioning, why would you need a portable air conditioner to keep your house cool? I'll tell you that on days like today our portable AC has been a lifesaver.

When the temperature climbs, your central air conditioner has to work harder to keep the house comfortable. That means that it may be constantly running (and racking up your electricity bill at the same time) to cool your entire home.

With a portable air conditioner, you can target the rooms you need to be cool and comfortable without making your central air run constantly. It's so simple to install in just about any window with no tools that you can easily move your AC unit from room to room.

In our house, high ceilings and lots of windows means that our second floor is never cool enough in the summer. Using a portable AC means that we can target those hot spots in our home without freezing everywhere else.

One other thing that can happen during a heat wave is a brownout: when the electrical grid is overtaxed and homes get less power. Or a summer storm knocks out the power all together. Believe me I know because this happened when I was 9 months pregnant with my twins in the middle of a record breaking July heat wave. I would have given anything to have had our portable AC then, because it could run on a battery backup surge protector or a small generator. You can't do that with central air.

A Smart Air Conditioner for Your Home

Getting a Midea portable air conditioner is a no-brainer when it comes to easy installation and innovative features, including wi-fi and bluetooth connectivity. It comes with everything you need to install it - from the remote control batteries to the insulating foam. I did it myself in just a few minutes.

You can install the portable AC in almost any window (sliding or hung) and it has wheels for easy relocation from room to room.

You can really customize your portable AC with sleep settings, a thermostat, and fan speed controls. It works not only as an air conditioner, but also as a dehumidifier. Or you can run just the fan to refresh the air when the ac isn't needed. It even tells you when to clean the filter.

You can control your portable AC with the included remote control, via voice controlled bluetooth devices like Alexa, or through the Midea app on your phone. That means you can make sure that your home is cool even while you're away. This is a great feature for pet moms like me who want to keep our dogs and cats comfortable while we are out.

Don't swelter in the summer heat this year when you can relax in the cool comfort provided by a Midea portable air conditioner. Click here to check it out and use the promo code 15MIDEA02 to save 15% now through August 1.

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