Make Your Own Forky for a Toy Story Party (FREE Printable Labels)

Make your own Forky is the perfect idea for a Toy Story party! Make a Forky craft station or Forky goody bags with free printable favor bag labels. 

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It was no surprise that my twins wanted to have a Toy Story birthday party this year. We've been fans of the movies forever, and with Toy Story 4 coming to theaters right before their summer birthday it was the perfect fit.

Like a lot of people, my boys fell in love with Forky, the trash turned toy that Bonnie made at kindergarten orientation. They loved his silly antics and I loved the idea that he was special just the way he was, even if he did come from the trash can.

As we were planning our Toy Story party I thought it would be fun to have a Make Your Own Forky kit as our goodie bag. It's a super fun and simple party favor that also works as a party craft station too! And I have FREE printable labels to help you create this fun idea for your Toy Story themed party.

Make Your Own Forky for a Toy Story Party

In Toy Story 4, Bonnie created Forky out of a mix of trash and craft supplies. So making your own Forky is a natural idea for a Toy Story party! You can set this up as a craft station at your party, or give DIY Forky Kits as party favors. 

Here's what you will need for both ideas:
  • Plastic sporks
  • Jumbo craft sticks
  • Red pipe cleaners
  • Self-adhesive googly eyes (assorted sizes)
  • Party size Play Doh 
  • For a craft station: red and blue permanent markers
  • For goody bags: clear treat bags and printable labels

If you are having a Make Your Own Forky craft station at your party, simply set out all of your supplies in jars at your craft table, and let the kids design their own Forky toys. 

If you are making Make Your Own Forky goody bags, then you'll need to prep them before the party. Start by getting the FREE printable favor bag labels delivered to your email below. 

Print these on full size sticker paper and cut out. You can also use your Cricut to cut printable stickers (get directions here). Then adhere a label onto a clear treat bag. Fill each bag with a spork, red pipe cleaner, 2 different sized googly eyes, a craft stick, and a small container of play dough. Seal it closed and your DIY Forky Kit is ready to go!

This is such a fun party favor for a Toy Story birthday party! My boys loved helping me make them and of course had to test out making their own Forky toy before the party.

If you have Toy Story fans in your house, setting up a Make Your Own Forky station or making Forky party favors is a super easy way to incorporate one of their favorite characters, and gives them the chance to be creative. They will love having their own special Forky toy just like Bonnie!

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Make your own Forky is the perfect idea for a Toy Story party! Make a Forky craft station or Forky goody bags with free printable favor bag labels. Kids will love to make their own Forky toy - perfect for a Toy Story 4 party or a Toy Story birthday party idea! #forky #ToyStory #birthdayparty #partyideas #kidsparty

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