Book Club Questions for I'll Never Tell

Book club questions for I'll Never Tell by Catherine McKenzie - the perfect summer thriller to read this year.

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When our online book club decided to add a summer thriller to our lineup for July, I'll Never Tell by Catherine McKenzie was an easy choice. This book makes a great beach read and will keep you turning pages until the very end.

In I'll Never Tellthe five MacAllister siblings gather at their family's summer camp for the reading of their parents' will. They expect it to be a simple decision as to whether they should sell the camp, but it quickly becomes far more complicated.

Twenty years before, their friend Amanda was bludgeoned at the camp and the crime remains unsolved. As part of Mr. MacAllister's will, the siblings must solve the crime before they can decide what to do with the camp. Suspicions, secrets, and lies are all uncovered as they come to grips not only with the past but with the ties that bind them together.

Book club questions for I'll Never Tell by Catherine McKenzie - the perfect summer thriller to read this year. I'll Never Tell is a great beach book and these questions are fun for a summer book club. #bookclub #beachread #summer #books

Book Club Questions for I'll Never Tell

The story is told from the point of view of seven narrators. Was this effective? Or did you find it difficult to follow?

Which character did you identify with the most and why?

Each MacAllister sibling (and Sean) is keeping a secret about the night that Amanda was attacked. How did these secrets affect their relationships over the next 20 years? What might have changed if they had told the truth?

Discuss the MacAllister parents. Why do you think that Mr. MacAllister spied on his children for so long? How much did Mrs. MacAllister know about what he was doing?

How did the camp setting affect the story? Did you feel like "camp" was itself another character?

Discuss Ryan's character. Was he likable? Did you find him to be more or less likable as the story went on?

Which character did you suspect as having attacked Amanda? When (or did) you figure out the truth?

What do you think is next for each of the siblings?

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