FREE Tooth Fairy Printables Set for Kids

Inside: adorable tooth fairy printables including a letter from the tooth fairy and two tooth care charts for kids!

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After much anticipation it finally happened. My son lost his first tooth! He had been wiggling it for days when it finally popped out early one Monday morning, which meant he had to wait all day for the tooth fairy to come. Not an easy task when you're six years old.

Fortunately, I (oops, I mean the tooth fairy) was ready with a golden dollar and a personalized letter just for him. She even reminded him how to take care of his teeth with a new tooth brushing chart.

If you're expecting a visit from the tooth fairy in your home soon, you'll want to grab this Tooth Fairy printables set too to make her visit even more special for your little ones.

Adorable tooth fairy printables including a letter from the tooth fairy and two tooth care charts for kids! Such a fun way to celebrate losing a first tooth. Kids will love to get a letter from the tooth fairy and moms will love these tooth brushing reminder charts. #toothfairy #forkids #printables #chorechart

Tooth Fairy Printables Set

Losing your first tooth is a pretty exciting milestone. I will never forget when I lost mine. Granted, it was knocked out during a wild game of catch (the perils of being the little sister), so it was pretty memorable.

Most kids, like my son, lose their first tooth in much less surprising ways. But a visit from the tooth fairy is always something to look forward to! Especially when she takes the opportunity to remind kids about taking good care of their teeth. That's why this tooth fairy printables set is so fun.

The tooth fairy printables set has everything you need to make the tooth fairy visit extra special for your kids. Inside, you'll find a printable tooth fairy letter template and two tooth care charts. 

This letter "from the desk of the Tooth Fairy" is blank so that you can customize it to any message you'd like. You can choose to have it delivered for the first tooth only or every time: since you can print as many copies as you'd like, the choice is yours.

In his letter, the Tooth Fairy was sure to remind my son to brush his teeth and eat his vegetables to stay healthy. She also included a tooth care chart for him to check off when he brushes his teeth each morning and night.

The set includes two chart styles: one with the tooth fairy herself and a second with a dragon. 

You can get this tooth fairy printables set for FREE when you click on the button below. Then when your kids' teeth start to wiggle, you'll be prepared (be sure to grab a dollar too!).


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