10 Inspirational Quotes for Busy Moms

Feeling overwhelmed with mom life? Reset with these inspirational quotes for busy moms on everything from home and family to time management and self care.

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Let's get real. If you're a mom, you're a busy mom. Moms today are juggling a lot: whether it's raising our kids, keeping our house clean, working, caring for friends and family... the list goes on and on. We are always trying to balance family time with our never-ending to do list and we often end up with a hefty dose of mom guilt over something we missed.

So what do we do when we are feeling overwhelmed with it all?

There are a few things that can help. Focusing on simplicity and time management has been a game changer for me. It's amazing what happens when you declutter your day and find better ways to manage your time. I've also discovered that there is a magic in minimalism not just for myself, but for our entire family.  I've also committed to making more time for myself (yes, it's possible!).

I'm also a big fan of inspirational quotes for busy moms, and when I find myself overwhelmed reading this words of wisdom can help me reset and focus. That's why I've been sharing them on Instagram and I have collected ten of my favorites to inspire you here as well.

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Inspirational Quotes for Busy Moms

Do you ever feel like you're busy all day but you're not actually sure what you accomplished? ⁣

Or you spent the day doing ALL THE THINGS but can't cross one item off your to do list?⁣

This is what I hear from moms all the time (and how I have felt myself). ⁣

Whether you are parenting toddlers or teens, being a mom today means being a busy mom. It means having a never ending to do list and no time to do everything. Right?⁣

It doesn't have to. You can ⁣FIND the time for things you need to do, TAKE the time for things you want to do and MAKE time fo yourself.⁣

We are all guilty of this. Especially moms.⁣

Sometimes we are trying so hard to make things perfect that we make it way too complicated. Our kids don't need Pinterest perfect parties. They don't need elaborate holidays. They don't need the latest and greatest everything.⁣

They need us. They need love. They need kindness. They need to know that they are valued.⁣

Today, let's all vow to make one thing a bit more simple. Maybe it's a routine that isn't working quite right. Maybe it's a meal. Maybe it's just talking a walk together. Whatever it is, just make it yours.⁣

It's hard sometimes to live "in the now" (copyright my bff @mamainthenow) but when you do, life can be so so good.⁣

Let go of regret from yesterday.⁣

Ignore the worry and "what ifs" of tomorrow.⁣

Enjoy today.⁣

It might seem like modern life forces us to be busier than ever, but William Penn said this more than 300 years ago. ⁣

We all want more time. In our day and in our life. More time with the people we love. More time doing things that bring us joy. More time with our sweet babies before they grow up.⁣

Wanting more time isn't enough. We have to use the time that we have to live the life we want every. single. day.⁣

Could this be any more accurate?⁣

I had being a single girl all figured out... then I got married. We had the couple thing perfected... then we had kids. ⁣

And let's not even start on mom life. It's different EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.⁣

But here's the thing. Life changes. It's going to happen. You need to decide if YOU are going to bend or break when it does.⁣

When life changes, take it as an opportunity. To grow, to learn, to become a new and better version of you.

This is the BEST motivation for decluttering. Less cleaning!⁣ So next time you're deciding if something should stay or go in your house just ask yourself... "is this worth cleaning?" If not, let it go. ⁣

It is OK to take time for you. ⁣It is not selfish. ⁣It does not make you a bad mom.⁣ It doesn't make you a bad wife. ⁣

It makes you a whole, healthy, human being who understands that self care is necessary.⁣

If Oprah can't do it all no one can.⁣

So how about let's just stop trying? Or should I say, let's stop beating ourselves up when we can't DO ALL THE THINGS ALL THE TIME.

It's all in the balance. Do your best, do what you can, and let go of the expectation that you can do it all. ⁣

Don't let all the perfect pictures and the "perfect" moments on social media get to you. Focus on what's around you. Your perfect is right there beside you.⁣

Be you. Be happy. And don't let what anyone else does be your guide.⁣

Do you look at yourself in the mirror and see stretch marks and wrinkles, or a strong body that carried, held, and fed babies?⁣

Do you look at your home and see a mess, or do you see the blessings of your life and the things that you have?⁣

Do you look at your kids and see their faults, or do you see the amazing humans that they are?⁣

It's all in how you look at it. And when you decide to look at things in the positive, you'll be amazed how you see it.⁣

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