Creative Ways to Help Shelter Animals When You Can't Adopt

Creative ways to help shelter animals that the entire family can do!

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When you think of ways to help shelter animals, adoption is the first thing that comes to mind.

I should know, I've done it three times in the past 10 years. And while we will choose to adopt from the shelter again in the future, our four-legged family is complete right now. But my kids are big animal lovers and would bring home every pet they meet if they could, so we're working on other ways to help shelter animals.

The good news is that adoption is just one of many ways to help shelter animals in your community. There are lots of things that your entire family can do to make a difference. 

Let me show you how.

Creative and family friendly ways to help shelter animals! Part of Family Dinner Book Club, these ideas are perfect to help rescue pets and shelter animals in need. Perfect for service projects, acts of kindness projects, or just because. #pets #dogs #cats #adoptdontshop #shelteranimals #rescue

Creative Ways to Help Shelter Animals

Share Your Shelter Story

If you have adopted pets from the shelter, spread the word! One of the biggest problems that shelter pets have is the misconception that they are damaged. Sharing the story of your shelter pet can go a long way to help change the minds of people who are deciding where to get their next pet.

Use my dog printable pack to create an awesome About My Dog page to share your pet's story!

Support Your Local Shelter

Even when you can't adopt, you can get involved with your local animal shelter to help pets in need. Plan a visit and contact their volunteer office or outreach coordinator to see how you can help. Some ideas include:

  • Volunteer to walk dogs or play with cats and small animals.
  • Reading to shelter pets.
  • Collecting donations of food and other needed items (be sure to ask what your shelter needs most first).
  • Making homemade toys or treats for shelter pets (ask ahead of time if homemade donations are allowed).
  • Raising money by cleaning out your unwanted items and selling them.

Help Keep Pets out of the Animal Shelter

One of the best ways you can help shelter animals is by keeping pets out of the shelter. 

Many pets end up in animal shelters because their owners have unexpected circumstances that make it difficult to care for their pets. You can help these animals to stay in the loving homes that they already have by helping their owners through these times. 

You can make a difference by:
  • Giving care packages of pet food to neighbors who are experiencing economic hardships.
  • Helping older neighbors or those with mobility problems with walking their dogs, cleaning litter boxes, or tidying up yard waste.
  • Offering pet sitting services to neighbors in need.

Host an Animal Shelter Themed Family Dinner Book Club

Family Dinner Book Club is one of our favorite traditions and this year I am super excited to get started with our brand new theme! This year, we are focusing on books to inspire kids to make a difference. We are starting with ideas for helping animals and this month are focused on shelter animals.

Family Dinner Book Club is a great way to connect as a family over a themed book, activities, and menu. My cohost Jodie from Growing Book by Book provides the book list and Sarah from Chef Sarah Elizabeth provides the menu. I have the activities to make your night complete!

Find more pet themed activities, crafts, and ideas here and be sure to share your Family Dinner Book Club photos with us on Facebook!

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