How Decluttering Before Christmas Can Make You Money

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If A Christmas Carol was written for moms here’s how it might look.

The ghost of Christmas Past would be the thing her kids begged for last year and haven't played with since February.

The ghost of Christmas Present would be the hottest one of a kind toy that she can't find anywhere.

And the ghost of Christmas Future would be the bills that are sure to come from filling those Christmas wish lists.

The good news is that there is a super simple way to keep those spirits at bay this Christmas without turning you into a Scrooge. Decluttering before Christmas can help you get rid of the things you don't need while also making you money for this year's must-have gifts. It's easy to do with Facebook Marketplace (and you might even find that impossible gift, too!).

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Why You Need to Declutter Before Christmas

Christmas is the time when our homes are filled with so much stuff. Not just the gifts, but decorations, tools for holiday cooking and entertaining, and, of course, winter gear. 

The good news is that since it's also the season of gift giving, people near you are looking for these same things that you are looking to part with. It's the perfect time to declutter your home and turn your unwanted items into someone else's treasure by selling them on Facebook Marketplace.

This is especially true when you have kids. They outgrow things so quickly that you often have toys or clothing that are practically brand new, but no longer fit your kids. But there is probably a younger kid nearby who would LOVE it! And another mom who is looking for a bargain on her child's Christmas wish list. It's a mom win for everyone.

This wooden toy bench was a Christmas surprise for my boys a couple of years ago. It's still in great shape and a classic toy, but it's just too small for them now. That's why I'm selling it (along with lots of our other toys) on Facebook Marketplace this year. I'm able to make room in our playroom and I just know that another little boy or girl will love finding it under their tree this year.

Why Use Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a super easy and convenient way to sell the things on your declutter list (and to find one of a kind items too!). You don't need to set up a new app or start a new account: everything you need is right there on Facebook. 

You can easily sell, buy, or browse on Facebook Marketplace and communicate with buyers and sellers right through Messenger. You don't need to give out your phone number or email address. Plus, you can check out a potential buyer or seller’s public Facebook profile before completing your transaction for extra peace of mind.

I love that I can easily find local buyers for the things I want to declutter (and pick up some one of a kind bargains myself) without leaving Facebook. When you're a busy mom, the simpler the better!

What You Should Declutter Before Christmas

There are a few things that are especially good to declutter before Christmas because they are the things that people are looking to buy. Here are a few items that you should try to declutter and sell right now:
  • Toys
  • Children's Clothes
  • Winter Gear
  • Bicycles
  • Sports Equipment
  • Christmas Decorations
  • Cookware/Entertaining Essentials

Save things like furniture and garden items for the spring or summer months.

Tips to Help You Sell Your Stuff

One of the things I love about Facebook Marketplace is that it is so easy to use. But there are a few things that you can do to make selling even easier.

  • Clean your items thoroughly and make any minor repairs before listing them for sale.
  • Take clear, focused photos of your item with an uncluttered background. Bright, clear photos will catch people's attention. Add more than one photo too - you can have up to 10.
  • Be descriptive and honest. Put in as many details about your product as possible and be totally honest about its condition. 
  • Browse Facebook Marketplace for similar items and price yours competitively. Be careful though - you will probably find something you want to buy too!
  • Make sure to put your item(s) in the proper categories: this will help browsers find your listings more easily.

Browse and Save Too

While you're on Facebook Marketplace, be sure to check out all the amazing finds that are for sale near you. You never know if that gift that you can't find anywhere may be just next door!

Visit Facebook Marketplace to start buying and selling today.

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