Free Printable Snowman Christmas Countdown Calendar

A free printable Snowman Christmas Countdown Calendar your kids will love!

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"How many days until Christmas?"

When you have kids, this is usually the first thing you hear when they wake up in December. The countdown to Christmas is one of our favorite parts of the holiday season, and my kids love to track the days until Santa arrives (and school gets out!).

This year, I'm making the countdown to Christmas even more fun with an adorable Snowman Christmas Countdown Calendar and I have it here as a free printable for your kids too!

Adorable FREE printable snowman Christmas countdown calendar for kids! Kids will love this snowman advent calendar to help them count the days until Christmas. Make one for everyone! Super cute snowman printable for kids. #christmascountdown #adventcalendar #christmas #snowman #freeprintable

Snowman Christmas Countdown Calendar

This snowman Christmas countdown calendar is a really fun way for kids to get ready for the holiday. And since it is a free printable, you can make one for every child to have his or her own. 

The set includes two printable pages: first is the calendar with numbers 1-25 to count each day in December until Christmas. The numbers are mixed up to make it extra fun for your kids to find the right number each day (and to give some extra number practice for the little ones). I recommend printing this page on card stock so that it is extra sturdy.

The second page is a sheet of snowmen with numbers. You can print this page on sticker paper or cardstock. Cut out the numbers and stick or glue the right snowman on his square on the calendar. When you get to 25 it will be Christmas Day!

Get your own Snowman Christmas Countdown Calendar for free by clicking on the button below!


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