Santa Printables to Make Christmas Magical for Kids

This adorable set of Santa printables will make Christmas easy for you and magical for your kids!

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"Aunt Laura! Guess what? Santa is REAL."

This was the phone call I got early one Christmas morning from my niece, who was about 7 at the time. I asked her how she knew and she responded:

"Because he brought us a KITTEN. And mommy and daddy would NEVER get us a kitten!"

The magic of Santa is one of my favorite parts of Christmas. As a mom I love to create a little Santa magic for my kids, just like my brother did for my niece. Kids only believe in Santa for a few short years, so I want to make the most of this Christmas tradition.

But playing Santa shouldn't be stressful (or require kittens!).  It is easy to make the season magical for your kids with this set of Santa printables that your whole family will love.

Santa Printables to Make Christmas Magical

Writing a letter to Santa is a time honored tradition, but have your kids ever received a letter back from the North Pole? How about an official certificate ensuring that they have made the Nice List this year? They can get these and much more with this adorable set of Santa printables.

This printable bundle will make it easy for you to play Santa and add some North Pole magic to your kids' Christmas. Inside the set, you'll get a blank letter to Santa template and a blank letter from Santa that you can write back.

You'll also get an official Nice List Certificate and a set of special gift tags from Santa himself. I love these to help add a bit of fun and excitement on Christmas morning!

Pro tip: have a friend write your kids' names on these so they don't recognize the handwriting!

You'll also find special place cards for milk & cookies and carrots for Santa's reindeer. Plus a bonus set of gift labels too. Everything you need for a magical Christmas!

The set includes 7 total printable pages, and will be delivered immediately to your email.

Ready to make some Christmas magic for your kids? Click the button below to purchase the Santa Printables Set and be prepared for happy holiday memories with your family.

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Make Christmas magic easy with these adorable Santa printables! Includes a letter to Santa, letter from Santa, Nice List certificate, Santa gift tags, gift labels, milk & cookies tags, and reindeer food tags. Super cute and fun for the whole family! #christmas #santa #instantdownload #christmasgift #santaclausiscomingtotown

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