How to Build Big Fun Anywhere With Hot Wheels Monster Truck Toys

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The only thing that my twins like more than building things is making them fall. Seriously. If a game can end with a smash or a crash my boys will be forever entertained.

So what do you do with two rough and tumble boys who love to create adventures? Give them toys that are as tough as they are, and that can take any challenge that they can imagine. That's why Hot Wheels Monster Truck toys are the perfect choice for my guys to build big fun indoors and out.

Build Big Fun with Hot Wheels Monster Truck Toys

In summer, we love to spend as much time in our backyard as possible. But scorching heat and afternoon thunderstorms usually drive us inside towards the end of the day. That's why I love having toys that my boys can use outside and bring indoors too. These monster trucks are perfect to go anywhere your adventure leads, and with a little imagination they will get your kids' creative juices flowing for hours of smash and crash fun.

We were so excited to try out these Hot Wheels Monster Trucks. It wasn't hard for each of my boys (and me!) to pick a favorite to try out.

One of my boys was all about the Monster Jam Bone Shaker. With giant tires and a skull face, this big truck can handle anything that gets in its path. My other son immediately grabbed the small and sleek Hot Wheels Racer.

And my favorite? The Monster Mover. It's a monster truck in its own right but it can also store up to 12 trucks too. A toy that helps us tidy up and stores our trucks too? You know that is a mom win!

As soon as we picked out our favorites it was time to see what these Hot Wheels Monster Truck toys could do. We headed to the playroom, grabbed our trusty wooden blocks, and started building an indoor obstacle course to put them to the test.

These trucks were ready for anything, with giant wheels that let them climb whatever was in their path. And if they couldn't climb it, they could smash right through (which honestly my boys loved most of all).

It quickly became a competition to see who could build the tallest tower and make the biggest crash. Normally I have to remind them not to crash their toys but with these monster trucks I was happy to let the game go on, knowing these trucks could handle it (and the blocks would survive too).

Once we conquered the indoor obstacle course it was time to try a backyard nature challenge. We packed our trucks into the Monster Mover and headed outside.

These monster trucks' giant wheels mean you can easily play with them on any terrain. We collected some rocks to create a challenging course for our trucks and they boys had a blast racing to the finish.

The trucks also took a turn heading down our slide!

And of course, the boys had to try a little head to head competition. We called this battle "mulch madness" and when we are having this much fun everyone is a winner.

Hot Wheels Monster Trucks are a great pick for kids who love big fun indoors or out. They are durable enough to take on any challenge with giant wheels and fun designs. And moms will love the monster mover to keep everything in one spot when the fun is done.

You can find the entire line of Hot Wheels Monster Truck toys at Walmart. Shop in store or check out the selection online here. Which one will be your kids' favorite?

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Truck loving kids will have a blast with these Hot Wheels Monster Truck toys! See how to make an indoor obstacle course for these rough and tumble toys and a backyard nature challenge. So much fun for kids who love trucks! #ad #monstertrucks #toys #forkids

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