How to Create a Cozy Guest Room and Playroom in One

Need playroom and guest room ideas? Inside you'll find how we created a cozy guest room and playroom in one.

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Like a lot of families, we have rooms in our house that serve more than one purpose. My office is in the dining room. The laundry room is the cat's hideaway. And our playroom doubles as a guest room.

Having a playroom and guest room in one spot is a great way to maximize your space, and to be honest, it's my favorite room in the house. It's easier than you think to make a combination guest room and playroom that is cozy, fun, and functional for everyone.

Cozy Guest Room and Playroom Ideas

The secret to a cozy guest room and playroom is finding furniture and accessories that can do double duty for your kids and your guests.

Smart toy storage is key. Your guests don't want to be tripping over toys when they come to visit, and you want to make sure that your kids have access to their things in an organized system that encourages them to tidy up when they are done.

We have had this toy storage set up for a few years now, and recently moved it from our living room area to our new playroom/guest room. The center bench serves as a cozy reading spot for the boys and also works as a place for guests to set their overnight bag or other necessities.

This set up is perfect for us: it stores my boys' small toys so that they are out of the way when they need to be, yet they can still access them easily. And it is easy to tidy up when guests visit!

The other major playing area of our room is our play table (which used to be a train table). My boys love to build with bricks and this is a centerpiece of our playroom.

Stepping on a stray brick is a guests' worst nightmare so we make sure that the play table has plenty of storage to keep them off the floor.

Making Guests Comfortable

One of the toughest parts of combining a playroom and guest room is having a place for guests to sleep without taking up a ton of floor space. This convertible chair and a half has been a genius solution to this dilemma for us (and a favorite napping spot for our dog).

This piece is slightly smaller than a traditional love seat, but it folds out like a sofa bed to become a twin sized bed. Having slept on this bed many, many times when it was in my twins' nursery, I can attest to the fact that it's comfy enough for guests.

I love that we have cozy seating for reading together or just relaxing in our playroom that also serves as a bed for guests.

Our other must have piece in this combination playroom/guest room is our armoire desk. Though I admit, over the past couple of months it became more of a junk storage space than a functional piece of furniture. But a quick back to school refresh has changed that!

The top of the armoire serves as a homework station for my boys, and can also be used by guests who need to check email or hop online.

Adding a small chalkboard lets me make guests welcome (and share the wi-fi password). And when the boys are using this desk, I can write reminders about homework or chores. It's such a great space that I may need to start using it too!

The bottom of the armoire is great for game and puzzle storage for the kids, and also houses a bin for guest essentials like pillows and blankets. It's a great way to have everything our guests need in one spot.

Carpet Keeps It Cozy

One of the easiest ways to ensure that your guest room/playroom will be comfortable for everyone is having wall to wall carpeting as your flooring choice.

Cozy, soft carpet makes our floor a comfortable spot for playing or just relaxing. And judging by how much time my kids and dogs spend on this floor, they agree!

There are so many different styles and textures of carpet that it is easy to find a look that will work with your space. It's a great choice for our playroom/guest room because it doesn't just make it comfortable, it also reduces noise. This is an awesome benefit in a house with two noisy boys!

Carpet is also a safer choice for all of us: it is a soft landing spot for the boys to play and there is less chance of slipping or falling when the grandparents visit.

Carpet is also an affordable option that stays beautiful for years with proper maintenance. This carpet is over 10 years old and thanks to regular vacuuming and cleaning it is still going strong!

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Want to maximize your space? Combine your playroom and guest room in one! It’s easy to do with smart storage solutions and pieces that do double duty. Make it cozy for kids, comfy for guests, and a place everyone will love with these tips. AD

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