A Unique Gift Idea for the Entire Family

A 23andMe DNA test kit is a unique gift for your family this holiday season.

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Growing up, I was super close with the aunts, uncles, and cousins on my mom's side of the family. We all lived nearby and traded holidays at each other's houses. As we've grown up and our families have expanded, some of us are still close enough to get together at Christmas. It's amazing seeing how much my cousin's daughters remind me of her and I as kids, and to see our family traits coming through in the next generation.

My dad's side is a different story. His family lives far away and we weren't able to be together as much as we would have liked. And now that he is gone, it's even harder to make those connections and bridge the distance between us. But as the holidays approach I've found a unique gift idea for my family that will make it a little bit easier.

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23andMe: A Unique Gift for the Entire Family

The holidays are a time when we want to be with our families: connecting, catching up, and enjoying each other's company. One of our favorite holiday traditions is looking through my mom's old family photos, sharing memories and telling stories. And of course, giving gifts! It can be tough to find a unique gift for my family but this year I've found it with 23andMe.

23andMe is an amazing service that helps you learn more about yourself, your family, and your connections through a simple DNA test. It's a truly personal gift that gives you and your family the chance to discover what makes each of you unique and also how you are connected. It's invaluable information in a seriously simple kit!

The 23andMe test is really easy to use. All you need to do is open up the box and follow the saliva collection instructions inside (you just spit in the tube). You'll need to register your kit online then pop the prepaid package in the mail.

In 6-8 weeks you'll have your results and the fun begins! There are two Personal Genetic Services to choose from: the Ancestry Service or the Health + Ancestry Service.

The Ancestry Service gives you detailed information on your DNA results in a number of reports. You can find your ancestry composition, your Neanderthal ancestry and more. You can even opt in to connect with people who share your DNA - how amazing is that?

The Health + Ancestry Service gives you additional information about genetic health risks, wellness, and much more. There are over 75 reports you can access online and share with your family.

23andMe is truly a unique gift to give to your family members this holiday. It's a way to learn more about yourselves and what connects you. You may already see that you have grandma's eyes or grandpa's smile, but knowing more can only help deepen your connection and give you a newfound appreciation for the ones you love.

23andMe has special holiday offers through Dec 26th, making it the perfect gift for anyone on your list! Click here to check out offers and get kits for yourself or your family today!

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