Free Printable Christmas Activities Paper Chain

48 fun family Christmas activities you can make into an adorable paper chain garland!

It's barely December 1 and Christmas excitement is reaching a fever pitch at my house. Every morning my twins are up bright and early bursting with energy and ready for holiday fun. We have a lot of Christmas activities that we want to do before the big day, and I've been looking for a way to keep track of them all. This paper chain filled with activities is the perfect solution to keep us busy all month long, and I have it here as a free printable for your family too!

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 Free Printable Christmas Activities Paper Chain

This is such a fun way to check things off of your Christmas bucket list and keep your kids entertained all season long. It makes a super cute decoration for your house too! It's really simple to make - here's everything you need.

Start by downloading the printable Christmas activity strips - you can get them for free by clicking the button below.


The printable includes 48 activities along with the designs for the outside of the chain links. Be sure to print the PDF file using the double-sided option on your printer.

Use a paper cutter or scissors to cut out each of the 48 chain links. Then decide which activities you would like to include on your paper chain. You can use them all or choose the ones that work best for your family. And, if you would like to create a custom link, simply print out additional copies of just the background design pages, cut, and write in your own activities.

Place the activities in the order in which you'd like to do them. Then form the first link into a loop, with the colored paper side out, and secure it with a piece of tape. Or use one of these super cool stapleless staplers to fasten the links closed (my boys LOVE using this and it's great fine motor practice).

Interloop and tape each "chain link" through the previous one until you are done! Then hang your chain from a hook, drape it like a garland, or even decorate your tree with it.

Each day (or whenever you hear, "I'm bored!") your kids can choose a new Christmas activity. They will have so much fun and you'll be sure that this holiday will be one to remember.

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A super cute DIY Christmas paper chain filled with fun Christmas activities for kids! This is a fun way to make a Christmas bucket list and makes a great DIY Christmas garland too. Includes 48 family holiday activities to try! #Christmasforkids #DIYChristmas #Christmasbucketlist #Christmascrafts

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