Free Printable Advent Calendar for Kids

Kids will love to count down to Christmas with this free printable advent calendar.

One of my favorite Christmas memories revolves around our Advent calendar. We had this really cool felt Christmas tree that my aunt made, with numbers along the top and bottom. Each number had an ornament pinned to it, and every day we got to add the ornament to the tree. It was the highlight of my day each December and I would get so excited knowing that as our tree filled up that Christmas was on its way!

I loved that Advent calendar so much that my mom gave it to me when I moved out on my own. It's become a family tradition with my own kids, but since it is (ahem) over 30 years old, it's a little too delicate for my twin boys to handle right now. So instead, they have their very own printable Advent calendar to let them countdown to Christmas in a super fun way! And I have it here as a freebie for your family too.

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Help kids countdown to Christmas with this free printable advent calendar! Match the numbers to decorate the tree, and when it's done Christmas will be here. Such a fun number matching activity and Christmas countdown in one! #adventcalendar #Christmasprintables #Christmasforkids

Free Printable Advent Calendar for Kids

This Advent calendar is really similar to the one I grew up with but perfect for little hands. And you can print out as many as you'd like so each child can do their own - no arguing over whose turn it is to hang the ornament! (That happened more often than I'd like to admit when I was a kid.)

It's super simple to put together. First, download yours by clicking the button below.


You have a few options for how you to put it together, depending on what works best for you. I've hung ours in our kids' command center so it is right in the middle of our calendar and morning/afternoon checklists.

I recommend printing your tree page on card stock so that it's nice and sturdy, then printing your ornament page on sticker paper. Then you (or your kids) can cut out each ornament and stick it right on the tree as you count down each day to Christmas!

Or make it super easy on yourself and use your Cricut to make the stickers (follow these directions for cutting printable stickers with a Cricut).

If you don't have sticker paper, you can use tape or glue to secure the ornaments too.

If you'd like to make your advent calendar reusable, you can laminate both pages. Then cut out your ornaments and place a velcro dot on the back of each one. Then stick the other half of each dot on your tree page (be sure to use clear ones so you can see the numbers). Then you can reuse it year after year!


More Ways to Countdown to Christmas

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