How to Make a LEGO Table with Storage: 10 Easy Solutions

10 DIY LEGO tables with storage perfect for any home or budget!

Let's be honest. Most moms (myself included) have a love/hate relationship with LEGOs. We love that our kids can spend hours building and creating with them, learning math, design, and problem solving skills, all without a screen or even batteries.

But we kind of hate them too. Because they are tiny. And hard. And they get everywhere - including under our feet at the worst possible moments.

So what do we do? For us, the solution has been simple - having a LEGO table with storage for all those little bricks. And it's easier to make one than you may think! I've found 10 awesome design ideas to fit any space and budget and they are all super easy to make. Ready to have the ultimate LEGO building spot in your house? Keep reading to find your perfect match!

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How to Make a LEGO Table with Storage

Making a DIY LEGO table is actually really easy. All you need is a flat surface, baseplates, and strong glue (or go super simple with peel and stick baseplates).

But adding storage can make things a little more complicated. You need to figure out just the right solution for your space, that will hold your LEGO collection and allow for some room to grow. That's why I've pulled together this awesome collection of DIY LEGO tables with storage to give you all the inspiration you need to get started on your perfect set up.

10 DIY LEGO Tables with Storage

Projects featured in photo collages are marked with an * for your convenience.

Turn Your Train Table into a LEGO Table with Color Coded Storage*
This is our set up and it is the center of our playroom. My boys LOVE it and it keeps our bricks sorted and organized. And as a bonus, they actually play with their trains more now that they can spread them out. Total mom win.

LEGO Table with Tons of Storage* (Grace, Giggles and Naptime)
This is a gorgeous project that could totally work in your living room.

Simple LEGO Storage Table with Drawers* (Repurpose and Upcycle)
I love how easy this is and that there is room for two kids to work together.

IKEA Hack LEGO Table with Storage* (Frugal Fun 4 Boys)
This is an awesome set up from a real LEGO expert.

Calm Down Corner with DIY LEGO Table (Where Imagination Grows)
One of the best things about playing with LEGOs is that it can be a very calm, quiet activity. This is a great way to encourage that (and have everything organized too).

IKEA Hack LEGO Table (The Gingerbread House)
IKEA hacks are the best! This one is good when you have a little less space and need a solution that goes against the wall.

Easy DIY LEGO Table with Storage* (Busy Mommy Media)
This is genius in its simplicity. It's portable and would work for visits to grandma or vacation!

DIY LEGO Desk* (Must Have Mom)
I'm kind of in love with all the organizing going on here.

LEGO Play Table with Storage Basket* (It's a Long Story)
This is a super cute project and will make you want to hit garage sales this weekend to find the perfect piece to recreate it.

LEGO Table with Wall Storage (B Inspired Mama)
Sometimes our storage needs to go vertical, and this is a great solution if you have wall space to spare. You could also create this Minifigure Shelf Storage from Mama in the Now if you have lots of minifigures or extra room on the wall.

And a bonus - not quite a table, but this LEGO Storage Stool from Kids Activities Blog is another way to create some LEGO playing space with built in storage.

If you're kids can't live without LEGOs wherever they go, be sure to check out our super easy LEGO Travel Case. It's perfect for road trips, restaurants, or anywhere!

No Time to DIY? Check out these LEGO tables on Etsy!

Need more LEGO storage ideas?

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