10 DIY Pet Beds You'll Want to Make

Easy and adorable DIY pet bed projects for dogs and cats of all sizes.

With two dogs and a cat in our family, we've gone through a lot of pet beds. My little dog loves his crate, my cat loves the big dog's bed, and my big dog honestly prefers the couch. Or my bed. But now that he's getting a little older and feeling some aches and pains, I've been on the lookout for the perfect bed for him. And since I love a good DIY project, I've pulled together some adorable and totally doable DIY pet beds. These ideas are so cute, I might have to make new beds for all my pets (Christmas is just around the corner, right?).

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Adorable DIY pet bed projects for dogs and cats of all sizes! No matter what your style you'll find a dog bed or cat bed your pet will love. Includes no sew dog beds, upcycle projects, easy cat beds, and so much more.

DIY Pet Beds You'll Want to Make

There's a super cute pet bed for everyone on this list - everything from fun upcycles to easy no sew projects. The hardest thing is picking which one to make first!

Photos featured in collage above are marked with an * for your convenience.

Suitcase Pet Bed* (Busy Being Jennifer)
Before you toss out that old suitcase try upcycling it into an adorable dog bed.

Burlap Sack Pet Bed* (Hello Nature Blog)
I love the rustic charm of this DIY bed and you can make it for about $2. Genius!

DIY Pillow Pet Bed (Living Well Mom)
This is so simple - no sewing required!

Dog Bed Rehab Project (Jenn's Blah Blah Blog)
This DIY dog bed requires some woodworking skills but the result is adorable. This is definitely on my must make list!

Two DIY Pet Beds* (5 Minutes for Mom)
There are two super easy projects here that are perfect to do with kids!

DIY Canvas Pet Bed (Mom Foodie)
This bed looks cozy and really durable thanks to the canvas fabric. My big dog would love it!

Upcycled Chair Pet Bed* (Sparkles of Sunshine)
This is SO smart and a great way to upcycle an old chair. My cat would love it!

No Sew Cat Bed (Living Off Love & Coffee)
Another really easy but totally cozy no sew bed that cats will love.

Wood Crate Cat Bed (Scrappy Geek)
This DIY cat bed looks amazing and is totally doable too!

DIY Cat Bed with Sisal Rope (Hello Nature Blog)
This DIY is a really creative upcycle and doubles as a scratching spot. Love it!

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