4 Essentials for Easy Outdoor Dining at Home

Must have tools for effortless outdoor dining at home.

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If we could, my family would eat outside for every meal. It's one of the things that I love most about summer - the chance to unplug, head out on the deck, and enjoy great food and good company. Whether it's just me and the kids having a quick lunch, a simple family dinner, or a gathering with friends, outdoor dining is an amazing way to connect. And it doesn't need to be hard! There are a few essentials that you need for a great outdoor meal, and thanks to Babbleboxx I had the chance to try out some new products that totally fit the bill.

Essentials for Easy Outdoor Dining at Home

Enjoying a meal outside doesn't need to be complicated. In fact, the simplicity is one of the things that I love most about entertaining outdoors. We spend many mealtimes in the summer at the picnic table on our deck, relaxing under the umbrella with our friends and family. There are just a few things you need to be sure to have and you too can enjoy outdoor entertaining at home all summer long.

Essential #1: Cool treats that are kid friendly and mom approved.

A great outdoor meal isn't complete without a frozen treat. But I don't want to load my kids up with tons of sugar, and I need to be careful what I give them as one of my sons has a dairy allergy. That's why Froozer frozen fruit snacks are the perfect choice for us.

Froozer is an all natural, dairy-free snack made only from frozen whole fruit (and some varieties have veggies in them for extra mom points). My kids love them and I feel better knowing that they are getting a natural treat that is not loaded with sugar. And the convenient, easy grab and go tube makes it the perfect healthy snack for your outdoor meal.

Find Froozer frozen fruit snacks here and grab a special coupon here.

Essential #2: Great meals for every occasion.

The menu is the centerpiece to any outdoor dining experience - whether it's your regular weekday dinner or a Saturday party. Find inspiration and recipes everyone will love with Oprah Winfrey's new cookbook Food, Health, and Happiness.

Food, Health, and Happiness is so much more than just a cookbook. In addition to115 on-point recipes for great meals you'll find inspiration and personal essays from Oprah, as she gives you not only a sneak peek into her kitchen but also into her journey to happiness. It's an extraordinary book and a must have for your outdoor meal planning (and beyond!).

Take a closer look at Food, Health, and Happiness and get your copy here.

Essential #3: The right tools for your outdoor kitchen.

One of the best parts of eating outside is cooking outside - using the grill to make amazing meals in minutes without heating up (or messing up) your kitchen. But you need the right grilling tools, like this awesome Grill Zone 3 piece stainless steel BBQ tool set from True Value.

This set has all the grilling accessories you need in sleek stainless steel: a basting brush, tongs, and a 4 in 1 spatula. I love that the spatula is a turner, meat tenderizer, bottle opener (for real!) and knife edge all in one tool. Less to store, less to clean, but all the quality and function you need. And it costs less than you'd expect!

Check out the Grill Zone BBQ tool set here.

Essential #4: Easy clean up.

The last thing you want to do after a great outdoor meal is scrub the grill or scour baked on food messes. That's why you need to use PAM cooking spray to make cooking and clean up a breeze.

PAM is a staple in our house and I'm totally excited that they now have a non-aerosol pump. It's perfect for light summer meals, as it gives you easy portion control with the superior non-stick you expect from PAM. There are no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, and only 1g of fat and 10 calories per serving. We use it on everything!

Check out PAM cooking spray here.

What are your outdoor dining essentials? Leave a comment and let me know about your favorite way to enjoy a meal outside!

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Easy outdoor dining tips and tools. Enjoy your next family dinner or summer party outside with these must have supplies - the best new accessories for grilling, healthy snacks, menu ideas, and so much more!

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