Kids Routine Checklists to Make School Days Easy | Free Printable

Make your school days stress free with these printable morning and after school routine checklists for kids.

When I talk to other moms about their biggest challenge when it comes to back to school, it's not the supply lists or first day jitters that worry them. It's the routine. Getting back to the daily school routine and getting everyone out of the house on time is a huge challenge for all of us. It was by far my biggest struggle last year as my boys went to preschool for the first time - but I've found an easy way to keep us on track and I know it will help you too.

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Get into the back to school routine with these free printable checklists! A morning routine checklist to get you out the door and an after school checklist for homework and chores. These free back to school printables will get your organized and ready for the school year!

Getting Into the Back To School Routine

I'll be the first to admit we have enjoyed a lazy summer. Lingering in our PJs late into the morning, just to change into bathing suits and spend the day at the pool. We eat dinner outside on the deck, watching fireflies and staying up too late snuggling over a movie. It's been wonderful. But now I'm thinking about the fact that soon we're going to need to be up and out of the house on time 5 days a week and I know my kids are going to need some help. That's why I created these printable routine checklists for mornings and after school. They are my secret weapon to getting us back on schedule without stress.

The time between waking up and getting out of the door on school mornings is easily the most stressful part of our day. But with our new morning routine checklist, it doesn't need to be. This checklist has colorful visual reminders of the things that my boys need to do every morning. Using a checklist gives them a roadmap for what they need to take care of before school, and helps to keep them on track. It's an essential tool to make sure we are ready and out the door on time, without nagging and frustration.

This set also includes an after school checklist which works the same way. It gives kids a visual guide for what is expected of them each day when they get home - putting their school things away, homework, chores - and also encourages them to help get ready for the next day by preparing their bag, lunch, and clothes. 

These checklists are a big part of our Kids Command Center! Check it out below.

You can get both checklists for free below - simply click the button below. Download, print, and you're on your way to a stress free school routine!

PS - use these laminating sheets to turn the checklists into dry erase boards and save paper!


Get these checklists and so much more with my ultimate command center set for kids! The set includes the routine checklists plus 6 more printables to help your kids stay on track. There is a "today at a glance" page with a spot to mark the day of the week, the weather, and what you will do that day. There's also a set of clocks to help kids learn what time things need to happen, like leaving for school or bedtime. And a chore chart for those after school jobs! See the kids command center here.

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